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Dante Atkins
Comms for John Garamendi; former Contributing Editor at Daily Kos.
Comms for John Garamendi; former Contributing Editor at Daily Kos.

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Starting this thing up again...again.
Alright. So I know I've been absent for the better part of over a year, but I've decided to start this back up again. I now work as the Press Secretary for California Congressman John Garamendi, so my political thoughts will be limited--but I'm still going ...

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Sen. David Vitter's attack on the 14th amendment has killed irony dead
Every so often, conservative hatred of birthright citizenship erupts like a festering herpes sore on the face of American political discourse. Five years ago, it was Arizona nutjob Russell Pearce , the father of the notorious SB1070 immigration bill, who pr...

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Lindsey wins!
Following up on my post from earlier in the month about Lindsey Horvath: SHE WON! I'm sad that John Heilman didn't win as well, but he has a chance to retake a seat on the council in a special election on June 2nd. It's a special pleasure to see good friend...

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Local LA politics edition: Lindsey Horvath for West Hollywood City Council
I'm taking a break from national stuff and King v. Burwell this week. I'm back in the Los Angeles area for tomorrow's municipal elections--and especially to help my dear friend Lindsey Horvath , who's running for West Hollywood City Council. I can't say eno...

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Do King v. Burwell supporters want to destroy the healthcare system or not? Hard to tell.
Over at Roll Call's Wonk Wire , Taegan Goddard lays out the fundamental problem that Republicans face in trying to convince Chief Justice Roberts to join with the presumed four SCOTUS justices who want to destroy the Affordable Care Act through King v. Burw...

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The hypocrisy of the King v. Burwell plaintiffs
Brian Beutler's incisive writing at TNR gave me the idea to document the hypocrisy of the intellectual leaders of the King v. Burwell case, and I wrote that up for Daily Kos this Sunday . In case you missed it because there was a little thing called the Osc...

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HCA's King v. Burwell brief notes dramatic success of ACA for women
Last week, I wrote about the amicus brief in the King v. Burwell case that was filed by Hospital Corporation of America, the nation's largest private-sector provider of medical care. The brief concludes that the arguments of the plaintiffs, who are attempti...

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California Senate Field Poll: no, Condi Rice doesn't "lead" anything
Many of my California political friends are exercising a fair bit of consternation about the latest Field Poll on the race to claim the California Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer. The poll suggests that more people would consider supporting the ...

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More on California's 25th Senate District: letter from a transgender resident
A transgender resident of Glendale, CA published a letter to the editor in the Glendale News-Press that echoes my thoughts about Zareh Sinanyan. Sinanyan, you may recall, is the current mayor of Glendale, and his city council colleagues somehow saw fit to a...

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What will Republicans do for King v. Burwell victims? They have absolutely no idea.
Late last week, House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) was asked what Congress would do if the Supreme Court decides to take away subsidies from the approximately 7 million participants the federal Obamacare exchange by ruling with the plaintiffs in ...
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