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Ethel Van Zanten
I am a networker in all I do.
I am a networker in all I do.

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This is something everyone should try. The article has some very good ideas.

Hi, Lalitha,
This is Ethel Van Zanten here and I found in my email where you made a post about a kindergarten honest child.  I would like to have you as a friend.  It looks like you are interested in health since you have this
photo and quote about what you eat in private is shown in public.  This is true. Do you have an answer?  Maybe we could talk again on Google+.

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This is interesting. I like what you say about love has to be fueled like fire.  It can't be there without some action on our part.

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This love that the conman has is lust not love. It is driven by the sex drive that we all have.  What needs to be added to the equation like you say is love but maybe some romance too.  What romance does the conman get out of money that he has acquired in an evil and lustful way?  He needs to learn about this and practice this and he will be healed of his lustful ways.

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I don't know how old you are but it sounds like you are just beginning  your life's journey. Have fun.
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