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micro-painting (again!)
So sorry for the lack of updates, but I decided to pop in to make a quick follow-along project.  This Torohachi kit was originally from the Bandai Summer Customize Campaign Parts (set F). I really just wanted this petite MS and not the weapons it came with ...

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Things went quiet for a while
Here's Why: I recently made a Facebook page to document my work since I'm more active there, nowadays. I'm not abandoning this blog though, and will still post long-form stuff from time to time. for now though, if you wanna check out the updates on the face...

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Double post!
(insert shit here) I finished this recently for a Group build involving the Gerbera Tetra. I didn't have the Bandai one on-hand but they did allow me to use this Dragon Momoko one I got last year. I decided to give mine Cima's personal Colors. The results l...

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I want to make more of these things. I recently purchased some 2" figures of Godzilla made my NECA/WizKids. These things are tiny but unbelievably well-sculpted for their size, and the classic Gojis are a tad lacking in the paint department for it to really...

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Muffled Transmissions,
It feels like forever since I last posted something (or just less than a month lol), but hey, yeah. Posting this just so that one person other than me who reads this blog knows it ain't dead. I've been working on some projects still, since last time... Righ...

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Just a small victory.
The 2014 Gundam Model Kit Contest concluded today, and I'm happy to have taken home something for my efforts.  Ah, well. Didn't break into the top three this time around, although I still placed within the top 8. Funnily, I had entered a Victory Gundam as a...

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All Set
Just finished my entries today, with some days to spare too. I spent yesterday picking up the washes I needed to complete the builds, at my friend and fellow hobbyist Darryl's house. Ended up hanging around and waiting for other builders, the very talented ...

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I don't think I've ever done a heavy type unit like this before and I kinda doubt I'll ever attempt to do so again (...until they make either the Xi Gundam or the Gustav Karl).

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today was awesome.
crap, I just got home a while ago after picking up my entries from Mechapinoy's SaD (Shine and Dirt) Invitational contest. Happy to announce that I brought home second place, and after seeing the first place winner I am kinda in awe of the piece (it was a 1...

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Nothing Much to report
This weekend has been fruitful for some of my gundam projects of late. Managed to finish the first of four Victory Gundam kits I've bought, in a two-tone variaton of the standard colors. Now this frees me up to start another one in more military colors with...
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