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Hey all! Just a reminder that I'm not using this G+ profile anymore. Follow me at my new one instead:

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Hey everyone. Story, the long version: For reasons unknown, this ancient Gmail account won't work with Android. When I got my Droid in 2010 I had to create a second Gmail account because this old one would hang on login. I'm tired of the inconvenience this has led to since that time, having two Android Market accounts and a Gmail account I only need so I can use my Android phone. Also, because of this incompatibility, I can't get either Gmail account to work with the G+ app. I'm tired of beating my head against the wall on this, and now that G+ supports Google Apps logins, I'm moving to a new G+ profile and will eventually stop using these two Gmail accounts entirely.

Story, the short version - Due to technical nonsense I'm going to stop using this G+ account and use this one instead: Please feel free to add my new profile if you like. I'm going to circle everyone I'm currently following here to my new G+ profile.

My email address is now jeff (at)

Ta ta.

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FTA: "If we really hope to put an end to the once-a-decade banks bailouts — the most recent of which cost $23.7 trillion in cash and guarantees — we must end the system of giving government guarantees to lenders who risk our deposits on loans that too many borrowers don’t repay."

Amen to that.

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Not the prettiest Android phone, imho, but you do get a decent keyboard.

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Hah. Funny.
Sorry Siri

Artificial Intelligence can get very scary

Very glad to hear Google+ has been added to Google Apps. I also know Google is going to release a migration app to move all of your Circled folks into an Apps account, which will be very helpful. I hope it's just a migration and not a merging.

I have some weird problem with my old Gmail account. I couldn't use it to set up my Android phone. Signing in would just hang. I had to create a new Gmail account to set up my Android phone, and that's all I use the new account for. Adding my primary Gmail account to my phone has not caused any problems. Until recently, that is.

When the G+ app for Android came along, I ran into that same problem with my old Gmail account - the app just hangs on login. I haven't been able to use the G+ app on my phone at all, and I've gotten no response to posts in Google's support forums.

So, I hope this upcoming tool really is a migration and not a merging. If it's a merging, I can see my mobile G+ access remaining hosed. I wonder if +Vic Gundotra can share any extra info on this.

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Do you use Dropbox or Sugarsync? Here's a tip to keep your data more accessible should your laptop die on you. Keep your synced folders on a microSDHC card plugged into one of these readers:

The reader is so tiny you can leave it plugged in all the time. If anything happens to your laptop like a coffee spill or hard drive crash, your data is still safe on the flash drive. Just pull the flash drive, plug it into another computer, and get right back to work. Yes, you could still pull your files down from your cloud account, but this little bit of insurance will give an edge if you're ever out of town and on a time crunch.

Today is absolutely ideal convertible weather. Makes me wish I owned one.

I want to be a search engine optimization optimization when I grow up. Alt text, perhaps, or maybe a non-scummy post description. Definitely not a meta tag though. Can't trust those things anymore.
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