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Mikko Heikkinen

Thinking how to make a better (maybe even disruptive) system for collecting / noting down nature observations:

Non-technical issues
-Bottom-up design and users-first attitude. Observers' needs and wishes come first (before data users' needs); system doesn't collect data from users, but gives users chance to manage their own data
-Understanding & respecting users and their feedback
-Open and agile development process (plans are public, no waterfall or design by committee, developers that are also users). Aim to cover common issues first.
-Cooperation with nature societies, authorities, researchers etc. (also through API's)
-Open data
-Observers own and control their data (eve is that means no open data?)
-Super-easy & simple user interface
-Social media integration?

Technical issues
-Everything works with API's (many of which are open)
-NoSQL -> rapid development with customized data
-OpenID, OAuth, Facebook connect?
-Mobile support (small touch-screens, slow typing, GPS...)
-Open source code (-> trust?)
-Clever and learning interface? Personalized autocompletion, location data... (but only if doesn't distract normal use)
-Unit & user testing
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