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College and Grief;

As many students head off to college in the coming weeks, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge their unique situation when they are mourning a loved one. It can be hard to watch your son or daughter go off to school, knowing that there is still so much sadness in their heart. Here is some advice for you to share with your students to help them navigate this difficult time:

1) It is important to know that most people grieve anywhere from three to seven years. Don’t expect it to go away once your child is distracted with friends and schoolwork. It will subside, but it will still be with your child for some time.

2) Good nutrition is essential to keeping strong. Encourage your son or daughter to eat three healthy meals a day. This will go a long way in building up the strength needed to handle both the grief and the schoolwork.

3) Encourage your child to reach out to friends at school. Friends will be eager to offer support and will appreciate feeling needed.

4) Get help. If grief is overwhelming, or if your child just needs someone to talk to about their feelings, by all means encourage them to seek professional help from a school psychologist or local therapist. The schools health center will happily share names of local therapists who are trained to help in exactly these situations.

Funeral Information Is Easy To Obtain

The death of a loved one is a sorrowful time and without the proper funeral information and advice it can be even more difficult. One must make a lot of difficult decisions while in the midst of grieving. This is why it is important to have access to the most funeral information possible.

There are many different matters that one must consider when a loved one passes away. For example, did your loved one express any wishes about the type of arrangements they wanted? Did they want the body to be embalmed, cremated, or buried? What type of service did they, and their friends and family, desire? All of these questions and more must be answered.

Are More People Choosing Cremation Today?

Yes, more people are choosing cremation today. The subject should certainly be resolved among family members since that determination will have to be made at the time of death. The family should visit the crematory to learn what's offered in the way of services and memorial property.

The family should get together ahead of time to decide what is best for all. Arrangements for memorialization also should be made at this time. This way, one of life's most difficult decisions need not be made alone at a time of grief and confusion.

Funeral or Memorial Service--Which One's Right for You?

When a person dies, we acknowledge his or her passing by holding a funeral, which is the traditional way in this country to honor and pay last respects to a dear departed. A call is made to a funeral home, which takes care of removing the body, often from a nursing home, hospital or hospice.

Memorial Service: Much like a funeral, a memorial service celebrates the life of the deceased. The only difference is that there is no body present. Memorials are often held in a church, a fraternal hall, or other appropriate location, and take place a few days or a couple of weeks after the death of a loved one.

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How to Write a Eulogy?

The thought of public speaking throws many people into a panic. Add to that fear the common discomfort of discussing death, and it's easy to understand why the idea of delivering a eulogy can be disconcerting. If you've been asked to write a eulogy, take heart. This article will help you put your fears in perspective so you can deliver a loving eulogy.

About Caskets--Types of Caskets for Burial and Cremation

Most families select caskets for their beauty and finish. But there are a lot of little things about high-quality caskets that most people never notice--and that frankly aren't meant to stand out.

Details in design, construction, and finish are meant to enhance the display of the casket in an attractive and dignified manner and to keep the tasks involved in handling, closing, and transport to a smooth minimum.

These are details that all good caskets share, but that not all casket manufacturers provide.

Please call with any questions.

Funeral Planning Step by Step:

No one wants to talk about death and funerals. Too depressing. Too macabre. Better to gather friends and talk about all the good times spent together. Unfortunately, death is a fact of life and there simply is no way to avoid it. Through a funeral, we pay our last respects and celebrate the life of a departed loved one.

The Steps to Planning a Funeral

Draw a Will
Plan the Actual Funeral
Decide on the Type of Ceremony
Tally the Total Cost

Family-Owned Funeral Homes--What's So Special about Them?

Why choose a family-owned funeral home? Family-owned funeral homes are locally owned and operated, independent funeral homes. Many families have been in funeral service for generations. They have a personal relationship with the community and are actively involved in the communities they serve.

With family-owned funeral homes, everything they do reflects their on-going commitment to provide affordable, quality services to the community. Customer trust is built slowly over time. Family-owned funeral homes are usually staffed by family members, members of the community, and graduates from local colleges.

Benefits of Pre-Planning a funeral:

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family
a number of benefits:

**Emotional Benefits
-More Time to Consider Your Options – You and your family will have time to research your options and make well-informed decisions, without feeling rushed
-A Sense of Accomplishment – You’ll feel good knowing that these arrangements have been taken care of
-Fewer Family Concerns - Your surviving family members will have less to worry about in the event of your death

**Financial Benefits
-The Prepayment Option – When you prepay, you can lock in today’s prices. Our funeral director will explain each payment method and investment option available, and will help you make a decision that best suits you and your family
-Your Family Keeps More – When you prepay, your estate will owe nothing on funeral expenses. More of your assets and life insurance proceeds will go directly to your family
-Save the Amount You Need – Once you gain an understanding of all the costs involved, you can earmark a portion of your savings to cover those costs
-Fewer Last-minute Expenses – When you plan in advance, your family is less likely to incur additional expenses at the time of the funeral.

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How can you grieve in a healthy way?

*Give yourself time to grieve
*Find a support system
*Express your feelings in a tangible way
*Take care of your health
*Volunteer your time
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