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Skill Development for those in Legal professions
Skill Development for those in Legal professions

In spite of our having a huge educated population, the nation is not progressing at the desired speed. This is because the working population of our country lacks in skills necessary for performing their jobs. While attempts are on to stimulate skill development in private as well as un-organised sectors, very little is being done to develop skills in the government sector.
This is starkly visible in the courts, with whom common man has a brush once in a while. True, there are institutions and academies which train judicial officers. But the focus of their activities is to fill up knowledge gaps in a reactive manner and that too only for judicial officers. What about other stake holders in the judicial system -say, lawyers? Institution of learning at the feet of seniors at the bar has already vanished. There are no longer bar room tables where juniors could learn by watching seniors. May be, this in fact augurs well for the system. For, seniors, reluctant to learn new skills, update themselves with the technology-tools available for lawyering were unlikely to imbue skills necessary for the present day lawyering on the new entrants. All the stake holders of the system, judges, lawyers, supporting staff including lawyers clerks and petition writers would have to be trained in skills to use technology and inject speed in the system. The lament of inadequate infrastructure must be discouraged till the system shows that it has been using available resources optimally.
Today, a majority of stakeholders in the system believe that their opportunities of making more money depend on delays and inefficiency of the system. This helps injustice thrive, makes wrongdoers believe that they can get away with anything and discourages honest citizens from seeking redressal of their grievances from the system. This has to be reversed. Every one within the system should be able to make an honest living by eliminating delays, making the system more efficient and having a greater turn over, ensuring enough work for all those who want to make a career with the system- as a judge, lawyer, a court employee, a lawyer's clerk or even a petition writer.
Since an organised attempt for skill development in legal system on the part of any governmental agency is not in the sight, discussions with those interested in the system made many of us feel that rather than waiting for someone to make a beginning, why not take up the project ourselves? And this is why the idea of 'Ekalavya' was conceived. Ekalavya proposes to provide a platform for all stake holders in the system to acquire skills to improve their performance free of charge -without any gurudakshina. We would rope in the experienced as well as the newcomers to participate in activities to evaluate every step in court processes and to suggest the best ways of taking those steps. The focus would be on making full use of technological advances which are available. We hope to get co-operation and help from all those who believe that our adjudicatory mechanism needs to be galvanised to ensure elimination of injustice.
This concept is to be implemented through a website providing interactive tools for skill development by lawyers, judges, aspiring judges, lawyer's clerks, petition writers. Seniors would share their experiences in tackling obstructions to the judicial process and also answer queries from juniors. The website would have a page each for judges, lawyers, court staff, and also for lawyer's clerks and petition writers.
Initially, we may launch a site under construction, inviting suggestions as also gauging the type of interest that the legal fraternity shows. Then incorporating suggestions received and re-calibrating the concept on the basis of response received, the site would be finally launched tentatively on the 31st October this year. I seek your valuable suggestions and comments. Offer to participate in the project by writing once in a while for Ekalavya, providing solutions to the problems that may be posed would be gratefully welcomed.
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