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If you are looking for the perfect unique gift...we're going to let you customize a Moto X through Moto Maker on Monday for $349 off contract / $399 for 32GB.  Holy deal.  Limited supply, but wanted to let you guys in on the secret.
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+John Renaldi how limited? I am in the market for a Moto X. This is a great price. Now we need to decide which carrier we want to go with...
Starts 8AM.  We will run the promo starting then.  If you submit at 8AM, you should be able to get a place in line and order it.
Amazing deal +John Renaldi! This may be splitting hairs, but I really want to be sure to get in on this! When you say submit at 8am do you mean we can have the order ready to go and hit send then and price will update or should we wait to start the process at 8?
8AM CDT.  Tip: save your design clicking the "save" button at  Then when the promo starts click on your saved designs....should save you a couple minutes and you can get right into checkout.
Of course purchasing a couple would hit that limit. ;)
It's just for the off-contract ones, but what I need is the Deveopler Edition...
Sorry,8AM CST....clearly I am wishing it was Aug on this cold Chicago AM.
+Kevin Rieber Save it to your saved designs (big blue save button).  Then at 8AM (due to cache clearing it might be between 7:50 - 8:15) log into your account, click saved designs.  This will allow you to have everything set up and you can just quickly dump in your cart.  Of course if you want to save even more time, save your address and CC to your account profile and it will be like 3 clicks! 
+John Renaldi T-Mobile? Well, I heard of the rumours before, but why would people still go for the developer edition if it's true?
Ugh right when I have no money.
+Trigold Wong I should be clear that it's unlock-able.  It doesn't come out of the box unlocked.  Others have correctly pointed out that the Moto Maker version would void your warranty after unlocked as it is currently written.  
+John Renaldi , I just recieved mine and my wife's motos last week (TMOs), I am totally bummed I missed this opportunity. We love our motos, but dang they were expensive.
+John Renaldi A better solution: Instead of the unlockable Moto Maker version, I just need a developer edition and a piece of dbrand back skin. :)
I need two. Is there a one per household limit?
Why can't we buy it in Australia?
:( Can you throw some love to people who just bought the phone last week? :(
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