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Drive chain systems are used in a vast array of applications, the thing they have in common is the need of protection against damage caused by overloading.

Tsubaki – the world's leading manufacturer of drive chain - have produced a introductory guide to the basic differences between the technologies on the market to help you get started. Tsubaki is always happy to speak to customers about the best ways to protect your chains and save you money.

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Antifriction and Tsubaki offer a variety of long-lasting chain solutions for warehouses, distribution centres and materials handling facilities, an environment reliability and low maintenance in power transmission components such as roller chain are very important.

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Tsubaki chains win even in harsh environments.

Tsubaki GT4 Winner BS chain offers less elongation than competitor products even in mining and quarrying thanks to lube-grooved and  perfectly cylindrical bushes, retaining lube for longer and minimizing wear, centre sink rivets and ring coined connections links ensure the chain performs at 100% strength.

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NSK have solved a big problem for a paper manufacturer who was losing up to four hours production per month due to seized bearings on a tinting machine. This had an annual cost to the company of nearly £40,000.

NSK engineers discovered that the standard bearings used were being contaminated with ink and they recommended the installation of stainless steel Molded Oil bearings.

NSK Molded Oil bearings, which are available through Antifriction, effectively address the problem of lubricant loss due to liquid ingress by remaining sealed and lubricating themselves internally. They are ideally suited to many areas of manufacturing production where regular wash-down maintenance is required or where a production process involves non-lubricating liquids.

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What a conveyor chain has to do with the bread you eat?

Maybe you don't know but bread production is very competitive in terms of costs. This is why one group of bakeries has engaged Tsubaki to provide a more reliable conveyor chain to help reduce costs associated with lost production and maintenance.
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