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This blog has moved
This blog has moved! I am now posting at:

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Add some STEM to your Middle School Curriculum: <BR> Engineering for Every Kid
Unit Study based on : Engineering for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave Chapter 1: Structural Engineering Materials: 2 books of equal thickness ruler 1 sheet copy paper 15 or more pencils A Day in the Life of a Structural Engineer (2:42) Career Using Maths: Str...

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Middle School Architecture Unit Loop Schedule
Main Resources: The Story of Buildings by Patrick Dillon (27 chapters, first one is extra long) Building a House (2 sessions) The Pyramid of Djoser The Temples of Greece The Parthenon The Romans Hagia Sophia A White Robe of Churches Notre-Dame Cathedral Bui...

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Grade 5 Science Schedule and Links
Textbook: CPO Earth Science  The loop schedule follows this pattern: 1.) Watch videos on chapter topic. 2.) Read a section, do review orally. Do one of the skills worksheets. 3.) Read Connection, do extra science reading from literary selections recommended...

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Grade 6 Science Schedule and Links
Originally I was going to schedule science on a loop schedule with other subjects, but after looking at how much there was to do in science I decided to put it on it's on schedule. The plan is to do one of these items at least 4 days a week. The loop schedu...

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Grade 6 Homeschool Schedule
I posted our plans for next year over on this post.  Now the fun part begins, fitting everything into a workable schedule! So this is what I've got so far... there are a few subjects we need to do daily. Those are easy to plan, we'll just always do the next...

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Grade 3 Curriculum Plan 2014 - 2015
Our plan for Grade 3: Reading (Structured): All About Reading Penguin Young Readers Phonics Explode the Code workbooks Spelling All About Spelling Creative Writing "Just Write"  by EPS (ended up not using this... we don't do creative writing till upper elem...

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Homeschooling Kindergarten: <BR>Our Curriculum Plan
LANGUAGE ARTS - 20 to 40 minutes per day PLUS 20 minutes read-out-loud time Learning how to read: “Get Set For The Code” Workbooks by Explode the Code Various iPad Apps (Word Wizard, Hooked on Phonics, Reading Eggs) Leap Frog DVDs (Letter Factory, etc) and ...

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Grade 1 Curriculum Plan 2015 - 2016
Reading All About Reading Phonics Explode the Code Spelling All About Spelling (start halfway through the level 1 of All About Reading) Creative Writing "Write About Me" by EPS Math Singapore Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition Manipulatives from Learning Reso...
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