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[Cranberry Lemon Quinoa]-(Vegan & Gluten-free)
Tastes like a nutty cereal, almost like oatmeal. The red bell pepper gives it a slight bitter taste, however the lemon zest/skin and cranberries ground you with a sweet & sour tangent.

Total Servings:4
Serving Size:1 Cup.

2 dry Cup's of uncooked Organic Quinoa
4 Cup's of water
1/4 Cup of Red Bell Pepper minced
1/2 Lemon Zest/Skin
1/2 dry Cup of OceanSpray Cranberries (Craisins)
1/4 Cup of chopped Cashews
1/2 Lemon
1/4 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil
1/3 Cup of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1.)With a mesh colander rinse two cup's of dry Quinoa thoroughly,
this will remove outer protective coating which would otherwise
give an awkward texture.
2.)Empty the Quinoa into a medium saucepan.
3.)Add 4 liquid Cups of water into the saucepan.
4.)Place lid on top of saucepan and boil the quinoa for 30-40 Minutes.
5.)While the Quinoa is cooking, slice up a large Red Bell Pepper and dispose it's center/seeds. Mince 1/4th cup of red bell pepper into small squares. Refrigerate the rest that remains unused.

6.)In a small mixing bowl, pour 1/4th cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil.
7.)Then pour 1/3rd cup of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar.
8.)Slice 1 Lemon in half, remove the seeds and hand-squeeze to extract it's juice into the Olive Oil and Apple Cider vinegar mixture. Refrigerate the other 1/2 lemon to use for another time.
9.)Stir the dressing.

10.)Mince the skin and what remains left over from the squeezed lemon.
11.)When the Quinoa has finished cooking and most of the water has evaporated, let it cool off to room temperature.
12.)After the Quinoa has reached room temperature, it is time to mix the solid ingredients first. Add the following ingredients and stir evenly after: minced Red Bell Pepper, minced Lemon, 1/2 dry Cup of OceanSpray Cranberries (Craisins), 1/4 dry Cup of chopped Cashews.
13.)Drizzle the Dressing over the Quinoa salad and mix thoroughly.
14.)Refrigerate and chill it for about an hour, then serve.

Errol Bonasera

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Errol Bonasera

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The following directions show how to correct the missing fei0r effects plug-in's for Kdenlive in various Ubuntu Linux distributions.

Add Kdenlive PPA Repository(ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release) to Software Sources in Synaptic Package Manager (Make sure you Reload)

Download the frei0r-plugins-1.3.tar.gz package from this URL:
Save it to your Documents folder.
Time to remove Kdenlive and start fresh...
(For the rest of this procedure we will need to execute the following commands in the Terminal/Konsole)  
:~$ sudo apt-get remove kdenlive
:~$ sudo apt-get install autoconf
:~$ sudo apt-get install libtool
:~$ sudo apt-get install g++
:~$ tar -xf /home/your_login_name_here/Documents/frei0r-plugins-1.3.tar.gz
:~$ cd frei0r-1.3/
:~$ ./configure
:~$ make
:~$ sudo make install  
:~$ sudo apt-get install kdenlive

Done! -You should now have the frei0r-plugin package installed along with Kdenlive.

Errol Bonasera

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[Importing Animations] for use in Unity 3D
1.)After creating a 3D model and animation in an editor such as Blender,  export it as an Autodesk FBX (.fbx) file.
2.)Give the file a name without including any spaces.
3.)Copy the animation file with the .fbx extension into your Unity projects "Assets" folder.
4.)In your Unity projects "Project" window, find and left-click once on the file with the name you gave to the .fbx animation file.
5.)In Unity's Inspector window click on the button at the top labeled "Animations".
6.)Make sure that the check box to the right of the label "Import Animation" is checked.
7.)Within the text field to the right of the large blue icon with the default text "Default Take", replace the name of the animation clip to an appropriate name that can be easily associated with the animation for your scripts.
8.)Make sure that the animation clips start and end frames are correct and other settings such as Wrap Mode is configured the way you want it.
9.)Click the "Apply" button at the bottom right.
10.)At the top of the Inspector click the button labeled "Rig".
11.)Click the drop-down menu to the right of the label "Animation Type" and choose "Legacy".
12.)Click the "Apply" button at the bottom right.
13.)Then click the button labeled "Model". Under Meshes, set the Scale Factor to 0.5. Click the "Apply" button once more.
14.)From the Unity "Project" window find the file that has the appropriate file name you saved for the animation file with the .fbx extension, click and drag that file into the Scene view.
15.)The imported Animation by default is Read-only. In order to edit the Animation within Unity, you need to duplicate the animation by selecting it in the  Project window and using the keystroke Ctrl-D, then replace the old animation in the Animation component via drag-n-drop.
16.)Select the same object within the Hierarchy, and add any scripts associated with triggering the animation in the Inspector.
How to execute Python code in Blender 3D v2.68 Game Engine

1.)Change from Blender Render to Blender Game at the top header/menu of the application.
2.)Navigate to the Scripting screen, and on the right border of the Python Console right-click and choose Split Area, change it to the Logic Editor.
3.)On the Scripting area, click the +New button on the header/menu and give the script a name with a .py extension, e.g(
4.)Place the following code in the Scripting area as a template to successfully execute python code.

from bge import logic as GameLogic
def main():
    ctrl = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    own = ctrl.owner

Do the following In the Logic Editor:
5.)Create an Always sensor, and enable the left most button to the left side of the Freq: slider. This activates pulse mode to “true”.
6.)Add a Python controller and to the right of where it displays the word “Script”, click the box with the notepad icon and select the name of your python script, e.g(
7.)Connect the Always sensor to the Python controller.

Errol Bonasera

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NOTE:Select 1080p for highest quality by clicking the gear button to the bottom right corner of the video player.

Changes I made:
+The wall texture.
+The characters arm movement/animation.
+Added curtains to the window and applied particle/physics simulation (gave the curtains fabric properties, used wind to animate them and the flower).
+Experimented with Blender's "Node Compositor" to add glare to the character, vase, carpeting and wall.
I may continue to work on this scene, as it's becoming interesting...

If you've read my previous post on this video before, there's no need to read the the rest below.

This was my result of a project that accumulated over a month while in the process of learning an introduction to the application Blender 3D by reading the book written by Roland Hess titled “Blender Foundations”. In actuality the workflow in absence of the learning process would take approximately week from start to finish for myself to create this scene.

Since I had no previous background in 3D modeling and animation before I began this project, I found it easier to create a similar but slightly modified scene as the one featured in the book in order to learn the concepts.

There is more for me to learn about Blender 3D on topics that this book doesn't go in depth on. But I've acquired an understanding of the 3D production workflow and how to use the major components.
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Errol Bonasera

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[Formulating Piano Chords & Scales]
3 Note Chords (Triads)
Major:Root, 4th Semi, 7th Semi
Minor Natural:Root, 3rd Semi, 7th Semi
Minor Augmented:Root, 4th Semi, 8th Semi
Minor Diminished:Root 3rd Semi, 6th Semi

4 Note Chords
Dominant:Root, 4th Semi, 7th Semi, 10th Semi
Major:Root, 4th Semi, 7th Semi, 11th Semi
Minor:Root, 3rd Semi, 7th Semi, 9th Semi

Root, Tone, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi(Tonic)
Minor Natural
Root, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tonic
Minor Harmonic
Root, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tonic+>Semi
Minor Melodic
-->Root, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tone, Semi, Tone+>Semi, Tonic+>Semi
<--Root, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tone, Semi, Tone, Tonic
Significantly cut down on MiFi (Mobile/Cellular WiFi) Data usage while browsing the internet with a Desktop or Laptop by using a web browser add-on/extenstion known as a User Agent Switcher. This enables your web browser to identify itself with http servers (Apache) across the internet as if it's one running on a mobile device (smart phone/tablet), as a result it will filter out and download less unnecessary content by querying mobile versions of websites e.g(

(4.23MB/minute * 60 minutes)=253.80MB 1 Hour of Streaming Video
(1024MB or 1 Gigabyte of data/253.80MB)=4.03 Hours of Streaming Video

Using this method I describe below with a 4 Gigabyte data plan you will essentially receive 16 Hours of decent quality streaming Video (this calculation is excluding other content such as browsing, and e-mail).

Mozilla Firefox Users
1.)Firefox Menu> Add-ons > Search for: "User Agent Switcher 0.7.3"> Install

2.)Right-click the Firefox browsers Home Button > Select: "Add-on Bar"

3.)Download the XML file at this 
URL:" folder=firefox&filename=useragentswitcher.xml" or search on Google for "useragentswitcher.xml" and download the file.
It contains the different configurations for various user agents.

4.)On the bottom left corner of the Firefox browser window, you will find the User Agent Switcher add-on, click on it then select,
"User Agent Switcher">"Options..."> Import
Browse to the location where you had downloaded the "useragentswitcher.xml" to and select it.

5.)Then go to the User Agent Switcher add-on, and select:"Mobile 
Devices">"Devices">"Google (Nexus etc.)"->"Nexus 5-Android 4.4-AppleWebKit/536.23".

Google Chrome Users
1.)In the URL/Address text field enter the following(excluding the quotes) followed by pressing the enter key on your keyboard:"chrome://apps/"

2.)Click on the Store shopping bag icon.

3.)At the top left enter "User Agent Switcher" (excluding the quotes) into the search text field followed by pressing the enter key on your keyboard.

4.)Add/Install the Chrome extension labled "User-Agent Switcher for Chrome".

5.)At the top right within your Google Chrome web browser you will see that the Chrome extension has been installed. Click on the User Agent Switcher extension and select:"Android">"Android 4.1-Nexus 7".
Title:Canyon Man - Infinity.
A 3D platform game that I had created.
-Credit's go out to Max Mythic for original concept, UX(User Experience) design advice and testing.

An endless level that has dynamically generated platforms (obstacles) every time a point is earned, every second the level design is dressed with 255^3(R,G,B) random colors and the best part is there is online user account feature where players can post their score and compare with everyone else.

Errol Bonasera

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Within the first 2 weeks of learning the Unity 3D  game engine, I developed the following 3-3D game models.

This was my first screen cast that I've ever created. It was to demonstrate some preliminary topics required to create 3D games using the Unity 3D game engine. I'd have a difficult time vocalizing the details about the C# programming mechanics that were involved "behind the scenes" while I was recording so I decided to leave that out. However the goal was to be a basic overview .

-For the final game model demonstrated "Canyon Man", credit's go out to my mentor MaxMythic for his original idea and concept.

Errol Bonasera

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NOTE:Select 1080p for highest quality by clicking the gear button to the bottom right corner of the video player.  

This was scene that I created as a review of what I have learned in Blender 3D from reading the book titled "Blender Foundations" written by the author Roland Hess. It was an experiment to see how much I would have to rely on the book as a reference and how long it would actually take to create a scene of this length and complexity from the ground-up.
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Hey, thanks.  I didn't use the node compositor which I could have in order to enhance it.

I need to consider excluding the time I spent figuring out a couple of problems in the creative process, because  they'd disappear with more practice.

The problems were:
-I spent an entire 2 days experimenting with the new fluid system alone realizing that it wasn't an ideal choice for this particular scenario (problems with obstacle/domain).

-I also would have saved myself 3 days worth of correcting the eyes if only I had applied the sphere primitives before doing the UV Unwrap.
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Basic Information
Aspiring Artist & Computer Programmer, Autodidactist(self-directed learner).
If you recognize my name and the contents of my profile then you probably know me.

I've been recently working on photo doctoring and editing, mostly photo's of myself. I'm working on constructing a portfolio in hopes of eventually doing this type of work freelance.
I have a strong vision of powerful messages I want to get out to the public but requires a partner.

So right now I'm interested in finding a girlfriend who would also like to model for me, (previous modeling experience is NOT required).

If you have interests in:
  • Art-(Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography/Editing, Design, Video/Animation, Music, Fashion, and Writing [etc...])
  • Technology
  • Modeling
  • Spirituality 
  • Civil/Human & Animal Rights
I think we'd definitely connect, Add me to your circle.
Bragging rights
Studied computer science related subjects for 8 years(primarily focusing on programming dynamic & animated content/optimized web UI's). Tinkered with multimedia(audio/video editing & vector animation), and I enjoy editing photographs e.g.(photo doctoring).
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