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App Checklist:
1.)"Stop dreaming, start doing".
2.)Analyze the present functionality of the App (what I have).
3.)Recover the mental image, philosophy/purpose for it's existence (why it's useful).
4.)Jot down any changes needed so that the free version is adaptable to the premium. (Changes to the "required" data entry and alter the database table).
5.)Jot down ideas for how I'm going to design and integrate the premium feature.
6.)Make the modifications to what is already existing (create the integration).
7.)Create a new working model of the premium extension (a prototype).
8.)Bridge the free version with the premium.

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#Ambient   #Chillout  
I forgot to adjust the master volume level in my audio engineering software before rendering. So in order to listen to this track it
requires your Volume to be turned all the way up and
Headphones are recommended.
Monday Noon

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Sweet n' Sour Quinoa Pasta and Tofu Stir Fry (Vegan & Gluten Free)
Duration:12 Minutes
Servings:1 Serving
Calories:[702.58<->942.58]/Serving (Olive Oil)
Unit Price:$5.93/Serving (Estimated)
4 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Tbsp. of SAN-J Sweet & Tangy Sauce/Marinade
1/4 Cup of Frozen Organic  Spinach
3/4 Cup of Frozen Organic Broccoli Florets
1/4 Cup of Frozen Diced Sweet Bell Peppers
1/4 Cup of Various/Mixed Mushrooms (Fresh or Frozen)
1/4 Block of Superfirm Tofu Cubed
1/4 of a Container or 1 Serving of Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti

1.)Take 1/4th of a container or 1 serving of Ancient Harvest Quinoa
Spaghetti, break it in half and place into a medium sized saucepan with 2 Cups of Water, and 2Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2.)Turn the stove on and wait until it begins to boil.
3.)It will take 6 to 9 minutes for the pasta to be completely cooked
(Occasionally Stir and keep an eye on it so it doesn't over cook, cook without lid/uncovered).
4.)While the Quinoa Pasta is boiling, measure and pour the following
ingredients on a frying pan: [1/4th Cup of Spinach, 3/4th Cup of
Broccoli Florets, 1/4th Cup of Frozen Diced Bell Peppers, 1/4th Cup of Mixed/Variety Mushrooms (Frozen or Fresh), 1/4th Block of Superfirm Tofu Cubed ].
5.)Turn the stove on Medium heat, and drizzle 4 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin
Olive Oil over the vegetables.
6.)Continuously Stir the vegetables until they've became completely
thawed/defrosted and the Tofu starts to brown.
7.)Drizzle 3 Tbsp. of SAN-J Sweet & Tangy  Sauce/Marinade over the
vegetables and continue to stir.
8.)Once 10 Minutes has passed, the Vegetables should be done and the Quinoa pasta should be as well. Dispose the water content from the saucepan and add the Quinoa pasta to the marinated mixed vegetables Stir until mixed evenly.
9.)You may want another tablespoon or 2 of the SAN-J Sweet & Tangy Sauce/Marinade.

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I was trying to add more substance to the beat I had going, wanted to include a sample of car keys, then accidentally came across a sleigh_bell sample sound, kinda sounds like a jingle... Then I realized what the hell, this sounds too weird but I guess it's appropriate for the holiday season...
Ergot In Host

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I've seen this animation demonstrated before in one of Gary Yourofsky's lectures on youtube, but can't find the specific video.
I forget who the artist is who created this animation but it's interesting. -I thank my mother for sharing this video with me, because it inspired me to do some creative writing which I haven't done in awhile, a short biography about Gary Yourofsky below.

Gary Yourofsky is an animal rights activist and contemporary enlightened visionary who travels around the world to educate students about Veganism, shares his personal life transformation with his vision of a more sustainable and compassionate Earth, (essentially his realistic vision of a Utopia/Nirvana), likewise speaking up for the population who already live a Vegan lifestyle and a motivational speaker for those who aren't. He's actually been banned from living in a # countries for his efforts because some people take what he says personally and find what he has to say offensive when he's only striving for positive change.

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Total Servings:1
Unit Price:$2.12/Serving (Estimated)

An 8 oz. measuring cup
A standard size cereal bowl

1/2 Cup of Organic Rolled Oats
6 Tbsp of Unsweetened Desiccated/Shredded Coconut
1/4th Cup of Sunmaid Raisins
1 Cup of Rice Dream - Rice Milk
1 Tbsp of Agave Nectar (Madhava is a good brand)

NOTE:Bob's Red Mill is a good brand that manufactures both Organic Rolled Oats
and Unsweetened Desiccated Coconut (doesn't contain sulfur dioxide).

Measure, pour, then stir in succession each of the ingredients listed above into a standard sized cereal bowl (Will post a picture soon).
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My goal yesterday was to create a high calorie Vegan ice cream recipe that would cost around $2.00 or under to make per serving. I first tried using the amount of ingredients that would be ideal for a single serving and it turned out more like ice cream cake due to the starchy contents of the Coconut flour and shelled Hemp seeds not completely blending together with 1 Banana. 

Figuring I'd make 2 Servings at once I decided to double the recipe today which had packed my mini 3.5 Cup food processor and that solved the problem.

NOTE:[You may want to include non-dairy Chocolate Chips if you like from brands like Tropical Source, or Enjoy Life Foods].

Total Servings:2
Unit Price:$1.94 (Where I shop)
Serving Size:8oz
Calories:678.5 per Serving
Prep Time:5 Minutes
Freeze Time:6 hours.

1 Cup Dessicated Coconut (Bob's Red Mill Unsweetened)
1/4th Cup of Shelled Hemp Seed (Hearts)
2Tbsp Coconut Oil
1Tbsp of Agave Nectar
2 Large overripe Bananas or 2 & 1/4 Cups

1.)In a 3.5 Cup food processor or larger measure and pour 1 Cup of Dessicated Coconut, and 1/4th Cup Hemp Hearts.
2.)Activate the Puree mode or equivalent for 25 seconds or until the Shredded Coconut & Hemp Hearts have become completely milled.
3.)Drizzle both 2Tbsp of Coconut Oil followed by 1Tbsp of Agave Nectar over  & around the surface of the raw flour, close the lid, then blend for another 10 seconds.
4.)Break the 2 overripe Bananas (2 & 1/4 Cups) into 1 inch pieces, place the pieces evenly in the food processor, close the lid and toggle the chop or equivalent mode followed by pressing the puree mode or equivalent for a final 10 seconds or until the Bananas and raw flour have thoroughly been blended together.
5.)Use a Spoon or bakers Spatula to empty and spread evenly The Vegan Survivalists' Ice Cream batter into a 2 Cup plastic BPA-free food saver container. 
6.)Close and seal the container then place in your freezer for 6 hours.

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When feeling down, try to imagine your positive thoughts as a light
illuminating in a dark room. The darkness would represent negative
thoughts, when the light is illuminated the darkness will disappear
and color will resurface.

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I'm learning how to make electronic dance music.
In the process I discovered a few interesting conventions that are used.

For example, in this track "Astral Body Astral Spheres" I used an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) which is used for modulating (it doesn't create a pitch, but can change the shape of audio signals generated from sound generating Oscillators), in this case to Pan the audio output signal of two synthesizer patches (sounds) through the [Left<->Right] stereo field and the Rate parameter for the LFO is synchronized with the song's global tempo.

Another interesting technique I learned was how to use a step sequencer as an auxiliary device connected to a synthesizer patchs' Amplitude CV(Control Voltage)-input, the step sequencer would have a pattern programmed into it to denote when the audio signal can pass to the speakers as normal and when it cannot to create what is called a "Gated Effect" (It's what make's the audio/signal sound delayed/choppy deliberately). 

All the sounds in for this track and the other tracks that I've made, I designed from scratch using Oscillators, Envelop Generators, Filters, Step Sequencer, etc... except for the generic individual sound's that make up the beat (Kick, Clap, Snare, HiHat [etc...]), however I still created the pattern(s).
Astral Body Astral Spheres

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This track took me over a week to work on.

The most difficult aspects I have when creating a new track is
finding a direction, and designing synthesizer patches(sounds) that
would mix well together. I notice when I begin to design a new sound
a lot of the time it ends up sounding really great but would only be
useful for an entirely different track other than the one I'd
presently be working on.

Another area in production that I need to work on are the final
touches (the mastering). I have to remind myself to use audio
compression sparingly and adjust the reverb so that it has a
moderate decay-time and that the sound isn't too wet where it would
loose it's detail. Reverb is essential so the modulated sound
doesn't have an audible thin & short characteristic.

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Clairvoyant Hero's Journey

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I always wanted to have a better understanding of how the (CPU) Central Processing Unit of a computer processes data, partially because I want to become a more versatile programmer.
For this reason, in 2005 I studied the programming language Assembler to enhance my programming skills in higher-level programming languages e.g. (Java Script), however I never wrote a program in assembler up until now.
This program takes a string of characters or letters ("This is a test!"), and outputs one character at a time from Left to Right in the first iteration, then does the reversal for the second time around.
1.)'T','h','i','s',' ','i','s',' ','a',' ','t','e','s','t','!'
2.)'!','t','s','e','t',' ','a',' ','s','i',' ','s','i','h','T'
Aspiring Artist & Computer Programmer, Autodidactist(self-directed learner).
If you recognize my name and the contents of my profile then you probably know me.

I've been recently working on photo retouching and editing, mostly photo's of myself. I'm working on constructing a portfolio in hopes of eventually doing this type of work freelance.

I'm interested in developing a relationship with a girl who would like to model for me, (previous modeling experience is NOT required).

If you have interests in: (any of the following)
  • Art-(Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography/Editing, Design, Video/Animation, Music, Fashion, and Writing [etc...])
  • Technology
  • Modeling
  • Spirituality 
  • Civil/Human & Animal Rights
I think we'd definitely connect, Add me to your circle.
Bragging rights
Studied computer science related subjects for 8 years(primarily focusing on programming dynamic & animated content/optimized web UI's). Tinkered with multimedia(audio/video editing & vector animation), and I enjoy editing photographs e.g.(photo retouching).
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