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Timothy Leary - [Where Gluten-free Veganism Can Help] (interesting guy, but i think he became too radical or out of control for something that requires more responsibility. It's NOT a party or recreational drug. (The visuals/dimensional & spacial depth disproportions, tactile/gravitational/sensations, dissociation and time dialation are really just side effects but they're considered spiritual or make one question their reality and may see what some consider or call an interdimensional/trancendental 'guide or teacher' that may appear very shortly ( it's rare but has been stated in more than one 'trip report', and i can distinguish the authenticity), in my case it made me question if it was an astral traveller who may have been someone alive sleeping or meditating in another part of world or if they were some type of angel or polythieistic goddess... the altered perceptions may be considered spiritual by some because they temporarily go out of sync for a couple of days... 
The actual entheogenic ('generating the divine within'), psychedelic ('mind revealing') or in modern jargon 'conscious expanding' functionality has to do with a filter removal and the ability in becoming more aware or analytical/introspective of ones thought processes 'deep thinking' and an increase in empathy & afterglow of sensitivity or vulernability, this is why after people trip (or when hospitalised for mental illness) they tend to not want to eat anything because our culture has a lot of animal derived ingredients and the tripper just wants to eat plant derived ingerdients but they may not be aware/conscious of exactly why they feel that way while recovering, it's probably because they subconsciously realize that any food containing animal products once felt pain and the tripper has a very increased sense of empathy. In my case the evening after experiencing my first flashback i only wanted to eat a can of green/string beans, it actually made me feel more grounded or closer to nature. It is also known that people tend to crave orange juice after tripping because it has been noted that it's common to become depleated of Vitamin C. Don't say Ascorbic 'Acid' or any sentence with the word 'Acid' because they usually don't want to be reminded of their LSD journey at that point, they may fear that it may or will trigger a flashback if they're experienced or not. A flashback is like re-experiencing the symptoms of a trip weeks or months after taking a hallucinogen but they're not as strong and decrease in duration over time, they can come and go but may be able to learn how to avoid them. Someone experiencing a flashback may want to be suggested to sit somewhere quiet where it's dimly lit and not watch TV/Video. Whatever remains permanant is known as HPPD, it has been said that a cluster of symptoms can remain up to 6 months, if it passes that threshold mental illness is questionable.. In my case the only residual symptom is that i have continued to see light trails at night, it's permanent but thankfully not unsettling. (It's when i focus on the rear red break lights of cars and when the amber street light in my eyes peripheral mix my visual cortex renders it as a purple streak like blending the two colors with a color pallet... I also have very minimal synesthesia when listening to techno music i see very vague short lived translucent/particles with a rippling motion that appear as if they were my brains' visual representation of the beat, no color just distortion kinda interestingly not bothersome and is not a frequent occurance), i also have Agoraphobia, however traveling distance depends on who I'm with... and it's been 12 years later.... Flashbacks can happen even after the hallucinogen has excreated from the body, it's theorized that there may be residual deposits in fatty tissue within the body that may have a delayed release. It can happen days later, in my case it was a Month later. After someone has taken a hallucinogen, it may make some permanant altered perceptions that are comparable to the way they one remembered not having. For example in my case I'm able to personally relate or understand artwork better in the "surrealism" genre than I had beforhand, like Salvador Dali or the Jonathan Swift "Gullivers Travel". I am also able to differentiate the difference between the 'sensationalized/exaggerated' artistic expression from what leans more toward the realistic symptoms of a hallucinogenic/trip the way certain elements appear in a work of art, to help make others understand, it's the 'illusory' aspects (symptoms) which are more genuine (functional) than the illustrated scene (idea) in it's entirety (artistic expression). The writers concept of "The Heroes Journey" is pretty much related to the psychological aspects one may experience while recovering, Alice In Wonderland and The Matrix are good examples of that epic "mission" spiritualists generally discuss, because the tripper usually gets a sense of motivation for wanting to leave a positive lasting impact or change in the world to make it better, since they've became more 'conscious' of worldly issues with a global perspective and with a increased sense of 'empathy', (that's why some may think they're 'special' or feel a need to be like or may confuse their identity with that of 'je$us'). I can also tell when someone is lying about previous hallucinogen use or detect false trip reports, about 75% i've read or watched are not authentic. For those who seek treatment are most of the time misdiagnosed with a mental illness because of the exemplified symptoms and they don't consider 'flashbacks' as existential and instead obsolete/depricated because of too many falsified trip reports... So they don't list it in the DSM, they just list HPPD as what they consider as an equivelent but there's a difference, Flashbacks need what they call a 'trigger' (a random event that reminds them of the trip event, {similar to how PTSD flashbacks are 'triggered', but it's the 'symptoms' of the hallucinogen relived, NOT a traumatic 'memory', it's as if the substance was taken again}) and the symptoms are transient, HPPD are a different spectrum/cluster of symptoms which just happen again and again under the same environmental factors it is really an extension. The health 'professionals' either have not had the propper education or it's not their passion in really trying to help, in that case they usually resort to just administering medication which renders the patient or 'client' incoherent and if not cared for by family may possibly become homeless later down the road. I'm able to differentiate the two, both spectrums are similar but there is a fine line between them based on the causal factors one being what they call "an underlying 'genetic' predisposition (what i think they're inferring to as an congenital susceptibility to a brain allergy triggered from the protein A1-Beta Casein {Casomorphins}, those who are, are said to release more dopamine than the average person after consuming dairy products extracted from a certain breed of Cattle because of the Cows' own genetic mutation in their DNA that traces back between 5000 and 10,000 years ago, or {Gluteomorphins} from products that contain Gluten because of the molecular structure are noted as resembling that of the Opioid Receptors in the brain of those who are susceptible to this food sensitivity once the proteins get in the bloodstream), but there are various other causal factors like a paradigm of nutritional deficiencies found in people who have symptoms of conditions like:Histadellia, Histapenia, Pyroluria to name a few and there are people who have food sensitivities to artificial ingredients and preservatives... Some are even have a food sensitivity or brain allergy to 'red meat', and are recommended a 'low protein' diet, (might as well consider a Vegan one).
Treatments for these conditions all require lab work with a specialist in the field of Orthomolecular medicine. (of course if you read this dissertation or said any of this to one who works in the pharmacological mental health field as their 'profession' they'd either shake their head "No" in disgruntlement and their face would flush the color red and possibly detain/corner you in a position of 'False Imprisonment' and suggest an increase dosage of medication to render you incoherent as some form of 'gag' (like a nazi), either because 1) they know that this is true and they fear they'd have their medical license removed if teatment were discontinued or 2) because they weren't educated properly or haven't ingested a hallucinogen themselves and done enough research).
From my own personal experience i began to realize there are tools and techniques that are safer today which may have the potential as a key to unlock or make people have access/anylitical/introspective to their subconscious via a combination of: NLP|(self-hypnosis)/Binaural Audio (brainwave entrainment to stimulate meditation & tap into/unlock or have access the various areas that remain dormant. Like the ability to do 'Calendar Counting')/Vegan Diet/Blender3D, Unity3D, Occulus Rift, Kinect HID, a Camera that can capture ones' existing environment, Dreamachine, &  EEG monitoring ('Emotiv Epoc') to calibrate brainwave synchronizing & feedback in realtime)

Errol Bonasera

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(I created this photo-manipulation digital visionary artwork in 2013. This is suppose to depict the reflection of the observer, to understand how the illustrated character feels completely vulernable to his/her environment as if they were just born or incarnated back into self as new (loss of EGO), that's why I titled it 'empathy'. The green/string beans on the right has to do with what i ate when i felt this way and felt better (grounded to earth). The rice is dedicated to a friend who was hospitalized for having a similar incident/experience but he told me all that he felt comfortable eating was rice (i've postulated that it may have been because of a deficiency in B-Vitamins, rice is also gluten-free which he may have remembered as something easier to digest), the concept in it's entirety (summation) and that both are plantbased and alkaline is why the Scale is Even (@lchemy). The aura is the visual representation of how the character envisions their consciousness on a telepathic level and it's affect on his or her environment, the epicenter of the aura where there's a spiral represents 'change' (time begins in the center of the spiral itself, as time passes it doesn't repeat itself which makes an incremental step outward {change}, however there are a cycle of repeating days, weeks, years, & seasons which creates the circular rings in the spiral but the rings never intersect {change}). The character also will sometimes see in her/his peripheral vision something glistening over their head, when the character looks they see what appears to be what looks like a cosmic mobile/ornament with a spiral form yet it's a fractal that has an intricate pattern glistening/sparkling but is completely static/(doesn't move), after about 2 second's it would completely vanish. I've read that other people have had a similar apparition appear, but they interpret it as a guide, i just have thought it may be a fluke in space/physics like a portal, fold or black hole). Up for sale, a poster(17"x22.35") printed on "semi-glossy" material of an original work created by the artist NodeEndo. #Digital #Art  #Photo #Manipulation #PhotoManipulation #Visionary #Representational #Artwork #Poster #Print
Up for sale, a poster(17"x22.35") printed on "semi-glossy" material of an original work created by the artist NodeEndo. Caption:Portrays the viewer of this piece (you) in the present moment as the subject sitting in the chair experiencing a rebirth, to accept and appreciate whatever life has to offer as a naturally healing substance no matter how insignificant it may normally appear. -The spiral in the epicenter of the aura represents change. -T...

Errol Bonasera

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[Network Security Discussion]
*(How to protect yourself from MITMA's)

On 4/6/2016 11:41 AM, 3lfist wrote:
hey my internet connection drops out at random times and it's affecting my conference calls often. even you and i had problems before on skype. i'm not sure whats up here but i have to diagnose and solve this problem. can you help? 

On 4/6/2016 5:23 PM, NodeEndo wrote:

On 4/6/2016 5:32 PM, NodeEndo wrote:
Just let me know when you're ready.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 4:50 AM NodeEndo wrote:
hey, you can let me know sometime tomorrow if you are still having issues with your skype connection or isp whatever... if it's just skype it could be your microphone or headphones causing an issue.... if you are using something like a bluetooth headset or something... that was what was causing the skype issues with me sometimes, if it's your isp wifi or something like that it could be your DNS provider, you'd have to just enter the ip to a different DNS than the default being assigned to you...
The IP's are all the way at the bottom in orange.
with windows 10 you'd just go to the windows search by the start menu and type
View Network Connections and press enter.
then select the icon that indicates the connection that's active or 'partially' active

right click on it  > properties > Inernet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> Properties
select the radio button, Use the following DNS server addresses,
enter both that you find provided on the website

sometimes it fixes isp connection issues... it's usually if you're unable to request websites because it can't resolve to domain names,
however I can't promise.

let me know what's up k!

On 4/7/2016 3:54 AM, 3lfist wrote:
thanks for all that info :) and now my question for you is : 

How do I determine where the connection is being cutting on and off?

before I make any changes I just want to isolate the area where this problem is happening. i think i need special tools for this. know any? i need to know if a program or virus on my laptop is doing this or if it's my ISP giving me bad service. 

On 4/7/2016 4:15 PM, NodeEndo wrote:
hey homey :-), well did you try a windows tracert, or a linux traceroute ?
another thing is, you could indeed be dealing with MITMA, I first noticed back in 2013 when my signal was constantly dropping I did a tracert like I always have and noticed that the following IP after the first hop was all in * * * * astris and determined it was an outside source possibly intercepting and masking itself. It use to never do that... it would always display the destination addresses, and not only that but logically the connection would completely be stunted at that point if the destination was truely unreachable, it wouldn't have displayed the succeeding ip's afterwards. It just wouldn't make sense, the sensible thing a router would have done is the preceding router would redirect the traffic to an alternate route/node and would display the ip... obviously it was an interception, and since then... after 2013 you will find the * * * * node somewhere along the line between the path of source and target destination... it's quite obvious.

if you own a wifi router and you want to make sure no one has captured your MAC address and is spoofing it as there's which would entail your disconnect, the only way you can prove someone is doing that is installing Webmin+Squid on your computer and also if you have a linksys or netgear wifi router that has the correct model to flash the firmware with DDWRT you can configure DDWRT to capture any data being circulated through your router that you may not be aware of and redirect/forward it to Squid which would cache all the websites being visited and Webmin would allow you to literally see the log.
I have annotated basic instructions of the process and links to the software that you may need.

another thing you may want to check and see is what active connections you have on your laptop and the ones that are 'LISTENING' by typing in: cmd in the windows search and right-clicking the Command Prompt (icon) then select 'Run as administrator' then type in 
netstat /b

the /b switch|flag will only work with an admin instance and shows you the executable file names associated with the port #'s... over time you will begin to learn what ports or apps are normal and safe, if you see any filename you don't recognize do a google search on the port # to see if it's associated with any backdoor malware, if you're lucky enough depending on the sophistication of the malware you can sometimes literally prune it from your system by disabling, it in your windows services, type in Services into the windows search and just look for the shady program disable it... see if your problem becomes resolved... if it does, then you know.
if it's that simple you can then search for the file and delete it.

This is how I caught Tarik installing malware on my computer back in high school...
the software was using a port # of :6667 which is actually noramlly used for IRC i think but i found the strange program hopping around my task manager so.... then I later discovered what he was up to after he got caught.

research on the port numbers and services running on your OS and disable only the ones that you know you either don't need and are completely confident that they're not essential for you.
you can always test by first dropping the ports into the firewall first see what happens.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 10:40 PM NodeEndo wrote:
oh yeah, linux uses netstat & the equivalent for viewing processes like the task manager allows in windows, it would be,
just replace the <user_name> with either root or the actual username
ps -u <user_name>

-you may already know some of this stuff.
it's better if you just connect to the internet using a linux box because Webmin doesn't work for Windows 10.
I'm pretty confident it'll work for linux, anyways it's a great way to manage your entire os and programs both locally and if you ever need to remotely.

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:24 PM 3lfist wrote:
very interesting. ok so I did netstat /b as admin. i see all regular programs with .exe (chrome, dropbox, slack, avastsvc). nothing wierd.
i'm concerned about what is going on with my router. MITMA also is a concern. some malware too. 
can't believe Tarik did that. sneaky F.

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:25 PM 3lfist wrote:
i dont have linsys or netgear. do you think getting a new router could help?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:38 PM 3lfist wrote:
did 'tracert' and i have 2 hops before i hit my ISP and right after that I hit and after that there are 3 more hops.

longest time on a hope is 105ms, smallest <1ms

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:42 PM 3lfist wrote:
pinged my network card and all is fine there

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:45 PM 3lfist wrote:
pinged my router and it works. average time is around 30 ms

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:49 PM 3lfist wrote:
is there a way someone can manipulate the data that tracert is sending back to me?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 5:57 PM 3lfist wrote:
werid, when i do 'ping test' I get 'Ping request could not find host test. Please check the name and try again.'

whats up with that?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 6:01 PM 3lfist wrote:
isn't 'ping test' the same as 'ping' ?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 6:02 PM 3lfist wrote:
this could be a DNS issue, right?

On 4/8/2016 9:19 AM, 3lfist wrote:
hmm. i have 2 hops before it goes to my ISP. check it

tracert 2 hops before ISP.PNG

I know is my router but not sure what 172.16.30.XXX is. is this normal kind of? why would there be 2 hops before ISP?

On 4/8/2016 2:20 PM, NodeEndo wrote:
ping test
didn't work for me either because it isn't a domain name it doesn't end with a 2-3 letter .(ext like .tk, .org, .com), the ping executable on windows wasn't designed to parse a domain name without and extention other than, ping localhost, you may be thinking of something you'd be able to maybe do in like bower or npm, node... not sure... 
localhost usually resolves to but on mine it doesn't strangely, if I ping -a I will resolve to my network username I assigned to my computer or your computer in your case.

try ping -a 172.16.30.XXX to see if a domain/dns resolves the -a switch usually converts the ip to echo back a domain name associated with it (Resolves addresses to hostnames).

usually the 2nd IP assigned after the first hop would be the ip assigned to your modem from your ISP. your tracert looks absolutely clean to tell you the truth.

here in the us, there will always be * * * *  somewhere along the path between source and destination since 2013... I reported the issue back then to my ISP, a few months before the whole... datamining thing became public.

Results I got:
org PRIVATE-ADDRESS-BBLK-RFC1918-IANA-RESERVED Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ip 172.16.30.XXX
hostname ip-172-16-30-XXX.ec2.internal

because your IP is subnetted and I think since you're in poland I wouldn't be able to resolve any extra info about your IP from here, by using a website hosted in the US...

The third hop is your ISP.
ping -a 80.238.113.XXX


Results I got:
country PL
org AS41676 JMDI Jacek Maleszko
ip 80.238.113.XXX
loc 52.2333,21.0167

but... it's still possible with a MITMA that you won't even notice any changes with addressing in the tracert path because it basically bridges using the MAC & | IP address of any source address and also the next hop, if it's done right it would go unnoticed.

another thing is any port that is listening on your computer can become vulernable even if it's stemmed from an app like chrome.exe or adobe flash update, or thunderbird email client, etc... with the right scanner that includes a vulernability in it's dictionary specific to any of the protocols used by one of those ports like a browser update, or other software update, (with the right doman certs) if they know your IP and have it being monitored for one of those ports they can probe one of those vulernable ports and then send you an update that could embed itself into the browser, if you could imagine something like that is used for buildsystems like gulp.js, and knew how to do some crossdomain trickery with CURL or something.... they'd be able to see and control what's on your browser.... potentially.. anything can be possible and be invisible with a MITMA.

MITMA can be really bad because if and whoever the person that would be doing it, their internet activity would trace back to you as if it was your internet activity... they could be using your online ID's as a proxy to mask themselves and could do some real damage out there on the net, they could even frame you. I'm even worried at times if I'm being framed.

The following video demonstrates where someone would be able to capture your http requests. If the results were forwarded it would just go to the MITM, and not to the actual destination where it's suppose to go (back to you) resulting in not receiving the expected results returned, kinda like a 1 way street. (that would happen usually if someone didn't know what they were doing, you'd get disconnects)

I suggest you get a new Router that has a model # compatible with DDWRT (make sure it has good ratings), usually when you buy a router like a linksys one the default firmware/software on it virtually caps the hardware's full potential. Like, when I bought mine I think I was only allowed to configure up to 12 devices, but with DDWRT it allows up to like 50... i think, not even sure maybe even 100, I haven't used it in awhile. You can do soooooo much more with it that you'd never be able to have done with a $20 router, it literally can make the value of it like $500.

I mean you may not even need it right now but it's good to consider having, it can really help you secure your connection or provide more abilities to monitor what could be going on, now or in the future. Just in case you do deal or are dealing with a MITMA, you can tap and redirect/forward any internet traffic circulating within the router and capture it with Squid and manage & monitor it with Webmin in real time, so you can protect and prove your case, by showing there's a ghost in the machine lol.... I mean it could be someone from across town with a long range antenna. Another way that's possible to collect and identify an outsider to prove your innocence is if you can capture the http/header's containing the browser/User Agent & version, unless they're smart enough to spoof that too!
here's a list of authentic ones

I bought a Linksys WRT54GS2 V1 after doing enough research into it's ratings and got it new off ebay for about $20.
I wouldn't recommend purchasing a used router for your own safety because you don't know if it's a hot device.

A MAC Address
"It is a unique identifier attached to almost most all networking equipment such as Routers, Ethernet cards and other devices. If you do not haveaccess to router admin interface (via telnet or webbased), use following method to find out router MAC address."

Just make sure you look at the reviews for a specific model on various websites like Amazon, or

You may be able to find a good deal on

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 8:55 PM 3lfist wrote:
dude you scared me. !!!

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 8:56 PM 3lfist wrote:
hah yes the arp spoofing video. i swear i saw that a while ago when i was interested in getting into hacking. nice. 

On 4/8/2016 11:56 AM, 3lfist wrote:
i just wish there was a tool that did some kind of real time monitoring of my network. is that what squid is all about really?

On 4/8/2016 11:56 AM, NodeEndo wrote:
actually Squid was intended just for caching websites that you search/request via a client (your computer) onto a computer acting as gateway on your network, so that if you search for the same website that's already cached, it first detects if there were any changes made (file size) to the website on the remote hosting provider online so that if there were no changes it would instead use the data cached/stored on your network gateway and send it to your computer (client), saving bandwidth & load times, possibly even money on cellular connections. It just basically works like the browser history in your web browser but for your entire network. Also if let's say you download a large file like a new version of linux, and you wanted 4 other computers in within the companys' network to download the same file it'd only need to do it once, not 4 separate instances.

however with a combination of:
configuring your wireless router with DDWRT installed to forward any data being circulated within it (a transparent proxy) like the information provided in this link.

but to Squid, it'll capture any traffic that you may not even know is circulating in it and forwarded through your modem to your ISP and back.

in addition to running Webmin you'd be able to actually view the log, the website and their contents... that'd be the only way to demonstrate that whatever internet activity is passing through your modem isn't yours'.

since it's wireless you would need the help of someone with a device that can literally monitor the wireless signal strength/attenuation to track the physical location, if it be one of your neighbors or across town. I know about this because when I reported it to my ISP a few years ago they sent some dude down with this device that had an antenna and it would create a sine wave sound with various frequencies depending on how far up and down the street he'd walk.
Looking to switch from your ISP DNS to another provider? I was surprised to find out that using a free public DNS server from a reputable company was far b

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Errol Bonasera

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My goal yesterday was to create a high calorie Vegan ice cream recipe that would cost around $2.00 or under to make per serving. I first tried using the amount of ingredients that would be ideal for a single serving and it turned out more like ice cream cake due to the starchy contents of the Coconut flour and shelled Hemp seeds not completely blending together with 1 Banana. 

Figuring I'd make 2 Servings at once I decided to double the recipe today which had packed my mini 3.5 Cup food processor and that solved the problem.

NOTE:[You may want to include non-dairy Chocolate Chips if you like from brands like Tropical Source, or Enjoy Life Foods].

Total Servings:2
Unit Price:$1.94 (Where I shop)
Serving Size:8oz
Calories:678.5 per Serving
Prep Time:5 Minutes
Freeze Time:6 hours.

1 Cup Dessicated Coconut (Bob's Red Mill Unsweetened)
1/4th Cup of Shelled Hemp Seed (Hearts)
2Tbsp Coconut Oil
1Tbsp of Agave Nectar
2 Large overripe Bananas or 2 & 1/4 Cups

1.)In a 3.5 Cup food processor or larger measure and pour 1 Cup of Dessicated Coconut, and 1/4th Cup Hemp Hearts.
2.)Activate the Puree mode or equivalent for 25 seconds or until the Shredded Coconut & Hemp Hearts have become completely milled.
3.)Drizzle both 2Tbsp of Coconut Oil followed by 1Tbsp of Agave Nectar over  & around the surface of the raw flour, close the lid, then blend for another 10 seconds.
4.)Break the 2 overripe Bananas (2 & 1/4 Cups) into 1 inch pieces, place the pieces evenly in the food processor, close the lid and toggle the chop or equivalent mode followed by pressing the puree mode or equivalent for a final 10 seconds or until the Bananas and raw flour have thoroughly been blended together.
5.)Use a Spoon or bakers Spatula to empty and spread evenly The Vegan Survivalists' Ice Cream batter into a 2 Cup plastic BPA-free food saver container. 
6.)Close and seal the container then place in your freezer for 6 hours.

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When feeling down, try to imagine your positive thoughts as a light
illuminating in a dark room. The darkness would represent negative
thoughts, when the light is illuminated the darkness will disappear
and color will resurface.
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17 people

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A beautiful piece of art created by my mother :-).
To view her latest creations visit:
“I just finished my Spring Indoor Wreath. Crocheted and knitted flowers, and insects too. Attached to burlap wrap😊”

Errol Bonasera

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Uncertainty, our thoughts are our own creations until we find out the facts, it's the way most of us by default interpret our existence that we must look past. 

(I'm not really sure if this would be considered a haiku-poem, however I tried to create one with my definition of the word 'Uncertainty'. It was inspired by my own internal and external observation of the way people are not really sure about what other people may think about one another before actually communicating to find out the 'facts'.

During the phase of 'uncertainty' the observers'  'thoughts' or ' idea's ' manifested of another are purely based on external observation from the observers perspective and not from the source stating the facts.

It's a passive way that everyone's consciousness works, everyone is uncertain at times. We inspect, observe, analyse and try to build a mental profile before actually asking, and we wait... sometimes it may feel like forever, & at other times it literally take years... how do i know this? Because not only do I think this way at times, but I've also have heard other people I've spoken with about what they think of one another before actually finding out the facts, or truth, sometimes the observers 'thoughts' turn out accurate sometimes they're not.

At some point the 'observer' has to realize that these thoughts are of their 'own creation' and they have to be prepared to take their own thoughts at the value of a grain of salt, in other words... 'it's something we must <or be willing to> look past').

Errol Bonasera

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(UPDATE):I decided I'm going to learn a new framework for mobile web-app development and rewrite what I have from the ground up. The framework that I was using is limited which has stunted UI development, the app needs to be revised and polished.

App Checklist:
1.)"Stop dreaming, start doing".
2.)Analyze the present functionality of the App (what I have).
3.)Recover the mental image, philosophy/purpose for it's existence (why it's useful).
4.)Jot down any changes needed so that the free version is adaptable to the premium. (Changes to the "required" data entry and alter the database table).
5.)Jot down ideas for how I'm going to design and integrate the premium feature.
6.)Make the modifications to what is already existing (create the integration).
7.)Create a new working model of the premium extension (a prototype).
8.)Bridge the free version with the premium.

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The Vegan Survivalists' 3 Bean Pasta Salad
Price:$2.26/Serving (estimated, where I shop)
Prep Time:Depends on how long it takes for the pasta to cook, with an additional 10 minutes.

1 Cup Uncooked Pasta (I used Vegetable Penne variety).
1/2 Cup Organic Kidney Beans
1/2 Cup Organic Pinto Beans
1/2 Cup Organic Black Beans
2 Tbsp. Annie's Goddess Salad Dressing
2 Tbsp. of Tomato Paste (make sure  to check the ingredients)

1.)Measure 1 Cup of dry Pasta of your choice and prepare it according to the directions on the packaging.
2.)Once the Pasta is finished cooking, dispose any water that remains, but continue to keep the Pasta in the sauce pan.
3.)Measure and pour 3 cans of the following types of Beans into a colander:Kidney, Pinto, & Black, thoroughly rinse them under cool water. 
4.)Measure and pour 1 & 3/4 Cup of the 3 Bean mixture into the sauce pan containing the Pasta.
5.)Measure and drizzle 2 Tbsp. of Annie's Goddess salad dressing over the now Pasta & 3 Bean mixture, stir and mix thoroughly.
6.)This recipe makes one, 900 Calorie serving. However you can divide it into two, 450 Calorie individual servings if you like (2 standard sized cereal bowls full). Pour the Vegan Survivalists' 3 Bean Pasta Salad into a standard sized cereal bowl.
7.)Add 1 Tbsp/dollop of Tomato Paste on top before serving each prepared bowl of The Vegan Survivalists' 3 Bean Pasta Salad.

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Sweet n' Sour Quinoa Pasta and Tofu Stir Fry (Vegan & Gluten Free)
Duration:12 Minutes
Servings:1 Serving
Calories:[702.58<->942.58]/Serving (Olive Oil)
Unit Price:$5.93/Serving (Estimated)
4 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Tbsp. of SAN-J Sweet & Tangy Sauce/Marinade
1/4 Cup of Frozen Organic  Spinach
3/4 Cup of Frozen Organic Broccoli Florets
1/4 Cup of Frozen Diced Sweet Bell Peppers
1/4 Cup of Various/Mixed Mushrooms (Fresh or Frozen)
1/4 Block of Superfirm Tofu Cubed
1/4 of a Container or 1 Serving of Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti

1.)Take 1/4th of a container or 1 serving of Ancient Harvest Quinoa
Spaghetti, break it in half and place into a medium sized saucepan with 2 Cups of Water, and 2Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2.)Turn the stove on and wait until it begins to boil.
3.)It will take 6 to 9 minutes for the pasta to be completely cooked
(Occasionally Stir and keep an eye on it so it doesn't over cook, cook without lid/uncovered).
4.)While the Quinoa Pasta is boiling, measure and pour the following
ingredients on a frying pan: [1/4th Cup of Spinach, 3/4th Cup of
Broccoli Florets, 1/4th Cup of Frozen Diced Bell Peppers, 1/4th Cup of Mixed/Variety Mushrooms (Frozen or Fresh), 1/4th Block of Superfirm Tofu Cubed ].
5.)Turn the stove on Medium heat, and drizzle 4 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin
Olive Oil over the vegetables.
6.)Continuously Stir the vegetables until they've became completely
thawed/defrosted and the Tofu starts to brown.
7.)Drizzle 3 Tbsp. of SAN-J Sweet & Tangy  Sauce/Marinade over the
vegetables and continue to stir.
8.)Once 10 Minutes has passed, the Vegetables should be done and the Quinoa pasta should be as well. Dispose the water content from the saucepan and add the Quinoa pasta to the marinated mixed vegetables Stir until mixed evenly.
9.)You may want another tablespoon or 2 of the SAN-J Sweet & Tangy Sauce/Marinade.
Aspiring Artist & Computer Programmer, Autodidactist(self-directed learner).
If you recognize my name and the contents of my profile then you probably know me.

I've been recently working on photo retouching and editing, mostly photo's of myself. I'm working on constructing a portfolio in hopes of eventually doing this type of work freelance.

I'm interested in developing a relationship with a girl who would like to model for me, (previous modeling experience is NOT required).

If you have interests in: (any of the following)
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Studied computer science related subjects for 8 years(primarily focusing on programming dynamic & animated content/optimized web UI's). Tinkered with multimedia(audio/video editing & vector animation), and I enjoy editing photographs e.g.(photo retouching).
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