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Just thought I'd say ... Here it is March 14 (Pi day) and the pine cone window decor is still up. The evergreen bows are still green, longest ever, so I'm still enjoying them. They'll be coming down soon tho - maybe Spring equinox would be a good day!

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Feast of Epiphany
This year's Christmas tree with my felted "Gift of the Magi" picture on the wall Today, the Feast of Epiphany, is symbolized and enacted by three
important men who fell to their knees, finding themselves seduced by the
vulnerability of God--sleeping in st...

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with fruits (any Veggie actually)
Roasted veggies, fruit and bacon Everyone raves about this brussel
sprouts dish. Though I tend to make all recipes my own with my twists
and variations, I rarely tweak this recipe from "The Splendid Table", an NPR weekly radio show. I subscribe to their ...

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Cultured Cranberry Relish and Veggie Dippers
Fermenting veggies for serving with a dip, and cranberry relish - for Thanksgiving Day For several years now I ferment veggies and then a cranberry mixture for Thanksgiving. I fermented them for about 24hours. The process breaks them down a bit for easier d...

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Mystery Pecan Pie
Mystery Pecan Pie I was asked for my Mystery Pecan Pie recipe and realized I've never posted it! It's my all time favorite pie, and a favorite of many guests. I make it every Thanksgiving. I found the recipe when we were early married in a Tucson realty lit...

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Green Tomato Jam
Green Tomato Jam This is now my second year to make Green Tomato Jam. If you grow tomatoes, at the end of the season you'll have green tomatoes. I'll leave the tomatoes for awhile, for some to turn red, but eventually you'll either toss them (compost or chi...

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Bear . . . Again
Treed Bear next to our house! My first blog, my beginning of this blog, years ago . . . was posting of a bear. Every year we see bears. I've had these pictures on my desktop for awhile and figured I'd get this post done with. Monte and his brother Mike tree...

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July 2014
Our back deck from Greenhouse door  Our friend Zsuzsanna Luciano and family visited again this year and these are her lovely pictures of our home. She is a traveling photography artist we made friends with several years ago. It's always fun to have them ret...

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I'm re-posting a post I wrote in 2010. I've had several people ask me for this recipe. AND I still make it every year with surplus zucchini and freeze a bunch.  __________________________________ I
made this soup last night, and many times over the years...

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Cranberry-Orange-Apple Relish Ferment
"Pickled" brined sardines, Cranberry Relish Ferment In my last post I said I had cranberries to make a ferment with. I'll give you the recipe. It's my favorite winter ferment, and while fresh cranberries are in the store ... tis the season to keep making it...
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