Something about Visual SEO Studio 0.8.6

No time to read it? Here is an abstract:
- (unique): support for Internationalized Domain Names (e.g. the new .рф domains). They are shown in the user-friendly Unicode version, like Yandex Browser does.
Notice the most known competitor products can't even crawl IDN sites, on this front Visual SEO Studio is far ahead of competition!
- a much more efficient memory management: working with large crawl session is now much lighter and faster
- FIXed detection of non UTF-8 character encodings
- a more usable maximum for applied crawl-delay when visiting non administered sites (btw, don't forget to set your administered sites to crawl them at full speed)

If you didn't download and install Visual SEO Studio yet, it's time to give it a try, it's free!
Enjoy it

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