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Herman May
scientist; historian; misanthrope; philosopher; skeptic; vehicular cyclist; R14; EmComm - control operator, KE5HYW
scientist; historian; misanthrope; philosopher; skeptic; vehicular cyclist; R14; EmComm - control operator, KE5HYW

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"In [cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)], clients are usually 'socialised' or introduced to this notion through the use of simple diagrams or metaphors. For example, they may be taught that when thoughts distort our perception of events it’s like we’re wearing coloured spectacles. When we gain cognitive distance from our own thoughts, it’s as though we’re taking off the spectacles and looking at them, rather than looking through them. A similar 'distancing' mechanism has been seen as integral to mindfulness meditation practices which have been found effective in the treatment of depression, and were therefore integrated with some forms of CBT. Therefore, the third-wave approaches are often described collectively as the new 'mindfulness and acceptance-based' approaches."

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Is this the sort of unconscionable intolerance to which our society has been reduced?

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A damning indictment of Trump's capacity for narcissism and lack of decorum.

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"Intelligence radiates from his eyes and in his demeanor."

That it does.

"People shouldn't be afraid of their government; governments should be afraid of their people."
--Alan Moore, 'V for Vendetta'
[streaming on +Netflix US & Canada, FYI :-) ]

When one takes poseurs on an excursion in the wilds, if one is lucky the result is 'A Walk in the Woods, else one gets 'Deliverance'. Sooie!

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Today's food for thought...

"A few years ago, researchers asked dog owners about a hypothetical scenario: If there were a runaway bus speeding toward a person and your dog, which one would you save? About 40 percent said they would save their dog over a foreign tourist."

At this point in time, I would choose Tucker over any human, save, perhaps one — even if that sentiment were not reciprocated. Here is why...

"Researchers found that dogs offered more support than humans in three ways:

• Providing a reliable and lasting relationship [BINGO]
• Being a better receiver of care
• Being a better source of companionship" [BINGO]

That about sums it up, perfectly.

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A new label reflecting my sentiments, exactly; "but you already knew that". :-P

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Wishing Nikola Tesla a Happy 160th Birthday!

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Tucker's favorite means if beating the Texas inferno!

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