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Cameron Ruggles

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Charming pictures of Ben Lawsky - the bitcoin regulator. 
I encourage you to add captions to any of these images that are critical of him, using them when writing about him in journals, or anything else to really get these images out about him and his terrible actions that will make it difficult for new yokrers to use bitcoin 

Fee free to post all Anti-Ben Lawsky at

#Bitcoin   #BTC   #bitlicense  
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Cameron Ruggles

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Anyone looking for an ebay alternative, another online marketplace for selling herbal products, seeds, mushroom growing materials, mushroom grow kits, or anything related to gardening, mycology, hydroponics, botany, counter culture, or hippie related items?

Or also a place to sell exotic pets such as frogs, salamanders, spiders, or aquarium/vivarium/terrarium related items?

If so, I am launching such a marketplace that is a perfect fit for you.
Get in contact with me ( and I"ll get you setup! :)

Its free to join, and free to list unlimited items. Only cost is that if we make a sale via our marketing or affiliate marketing, then there is a small 3% fee. If you promote it yourself or cause the sale, there is no fee and selling is completely free. :)

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This community seems pretty dead. 
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Cameron Ruggles

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Hey guys, what marketplaces do you all sell at?
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Cameron Ruggles

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Cameron Ruggles

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Hi. I am the admin of this group. Does anyone actually hang out here or is it just links?

If anyone is interested, I am happy to sell the pinned post to display your store for a month. (30days) 
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Cameron Ruggles

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Cameron Ruggles

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I've been eagerly awaiting multisig market places... this is super encouraging. Let a thousand flowers bloom, and what the heck, a few weeds too! 
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Founder of and the BitWasp project.
I am the founder of, learn more about by following the page on google plus. It is an online marketplace and multi-channel platform that imports, exports and synchronizing product listings across a wide variety of marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. It is extremely friendly to bitcoin users. 

I am also the founder of Bitwasp, but I am not the programmar. 
Bitwasp is an open source bitcoin marketplace software that is extremely security and privacy oriented. 
You can learn more about it with these resources: 
Join this open group about bitcoins on facebook:

24 quick facts:
1. Atheist
2. Libertarian (kinda sorta maybe),
3. Cyber-Anarchist, 
4. Bitcoin enthusiast since mid 2011.
5. War on Drug critic "End The War on Drugs",
6. Intellectual Property Right/Copyright Critic,
7. Wants to see a cure to aging, Anti-Aging, Pro-longevity,
8.  Online Retailer, Business owner,
9. Forum & website admin,
10. Interested in & support the Sea Stead Institute. 
11. Pro-Austrian economics, Anti-Keynesian 
12. Tor, I2P, Freenet, Tails & other anonymity software enthusiast. 
13. Wireless Mesh Networking enthusiasts. 
14. likes Crpytography (PGP, GPG, etc)
15. Pro-Wikileaks
16. Linux (Ubuntu) user
17. Gardener of psychoative, toxic or edible plants & fungi (I like mycology) 
18. Likes road biking. 
19. I'm the kid who "participates in class but does not follow directions"
20. I would download a car. 
21. Smart enough to get out of the rain. 
22. I am NOT an idealist.
23. I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.
24. I believe everyone should always act in their own self interest.

I am a Bertrand Russell styled agnostic [read as: atheist], classical liberal [read as: libertarian],that agrees with Austrian economics. I am interested in business, computer science, mycology, chemistry, botany and other sciences. I am also a critic of Intellectual property rights. I would like to see bitcoin, or something analogues or similar and better succeed. I would like to learn computer programming, but currently I am to busy and strongly dislike language and mathematics. I am probably going to change my major from chemistry to computer science when I go back to Weber State University (WSU) next semester. 

I admire a lot of people, or find them inspirational in one way or another.  I find Julian Assange of Wikileaks a really inspirational person. I am a fan of a lot content produced by Penn Jillette and John Stossel. I found the commencement speech by Steve Jobs also really agreeable.
 I find a lot of movements or organizations really fantastic. Some of them include things such as the Free State Project, Open Source Software (e-commerce software, TAILS 0.8, Tor, Forum software, WikiMedia, and of course Bitcoin) really intriguing and useful. 

I would like to see wireless mesh networking more prevalent in society, especially if it were long range on something such as citizen bandwidth or any other part of the electromagnetic spectrum used by amateur radio enthusiasts. This is already done and is called hinternet, apparently.
I would like to also see a stronger community (developer, and user) around Freenet Classic OpenNet

Check this out! The Darknet Project: netroots activists dream of global mesh network

Also for Open Source Wireless Mesh Networking, checkout these links:
G+ Meshnet Page

I a big fan of Pink Floyd, Modest Mouse, and Tom Petty.  Pink Floyd is by far the best.

I like to garden. I grow plants such as Datura Inoxia, D. stramonium var tatula, Pereskiopsis spathulata, Echinopsis pachanoi, Argyreia Nervosa, Salvia divinorum,  Nicotiana rustica, N. sylvestris, N. tobacum, Opuntia fragilis, and a few other plants. I try to change it up each year with other exotic plants which have an interesting alkaloid profile that gives them cultural significance. I am really interested in grafting cacti to pereskiopsis, and then growing them hydroponically. 

I also like to grow and collect mushrooms. I have only grown a few types of mushrooms. I have recently grown Pleurotus djamor (Pink Oyster) and Lentinula edodes (Shiitake).
I have tons of different cultures of different types stored in my refrigerator, however. The cultures range from wildly collected tree oyster Pleurotus ostreatus, to things like Cordyceps and other parasitic fungi. 

I think parasitic, or symbiotic fungi/endophytes in general are especially interesting as they have potential for medicinal use and could possibly produce complex organic molecules cost effectively in nutrient solutions. Checkout the endophyte in Taxus brevifolia that produces an anti-cancer drug. 

I believe I am an ENTJ or possibly a INTJ, perhaps 50% each? Not too sure I even buy into the Myer Briggs personality stuff, but it is interesting to think about, I guess?

I want to have Asperger's Syndrome. I possibly have it to a small extent. 

Global Warming is bullshit

I used to make nitrocellulose, black powder, fireworks/rockets, and other chemistry related things as a child (6th - 8th grade) but that become more interesting in medicinal chemistry, eventually getting an interest in liberty and entrepreneurial related endeavors.  I have always had an interest in biology. 

I drink a lot of green tea along with taking vitamin B complex and D3 vitamins. I take piracetam, resveratrol, silymarin, and curcumin along with a V8 fairly regularly. I also ride many miles often on my road bike. 

I would like for people to hurry up and cure aging. I guess if I ever get rich enough to do some serious philanthropy I will try to help cure aging. 

I have an interest with Wasps. Likely because wasps are one of the most fascinating creatures in the world, and are the ONLY true social insect. Bees  and ants are not social insects when you look at them in an evolutionary perspective - and why would you ever look at an organisms from another perspective?
At some point I hope to get a large wasp colony and keep the wasps as pets. I had pet wasps before and they are MUCH more entertaining to watch than fish, and require about the same amount of attention. I would argue that they make better pets than most animals as you get to watch them and the colony grow, communicate with one another, share food, hunt for prey, and so on. 

I've got a lot of interests and projects. This kind of makes me Jack of all trades, and master of none. :(

  • Weber State University
  • Box Elder High School
  • Box Elder Middle School
  • Adele C. Young Intermediate School
  • Bunderson Elementary
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Best prices and amazing service. Amazing to find service this good in Brigham City.
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