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Cameron Ruggles
Founder of and the BitWasp project.
Founder of and the BitWasp project.

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Anyone looking for an ebay alternative, another online marketplace for selling herbal products, seeds, mushroom growing materials, mushroom grow kits, or anything related to gardening, mycology, hydroponics, botany, counter culture, or hippie related items?

Or also a place to sell exotic pets such as frogs, salamanders, spiders, or aquarium/vivarium/terrarium related items?

If so, I am launching such a marketplace that is a perfect fit for you.
Get in contact with me ( and I"ll get you setup! :)

Its free to join, and free to list unlimited items. Only cost is that if we make a sale via our marketing or affiliate marketing, then there is a small 3% fee. If you promote it yourself or cause the sale, there is no fee and selling is completely free. :)

Hey guys, what marketplaces do you all sell at?

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If anyone is interested let me know.

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Hi. I am the admin of this group. Does anyone actually hang out here or is it just links?

If anyone is interested, I am happy to sell the pinned post to display your store for a month. (30days) 

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Charming pictures of Ben Lawsky - the bitcoin regulator. 
I encourage you to add captions to any of these images that are critical of him, using them when writing about him in journals, or anything else to really get these images out about him and his terrible actions that will make it difficult for new yokrers to use bitcoin 

Fee free to post all Anti-Ben Lawsky at

#Bitcoin   #BTC   #bitlicense  
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