So, lately people have finally begun talking about Zak S and his shitbaggery in public. This is a great thing! Maybe if we make how horrible he is public, people will stop ignoring it and we can keep him from harassing and abusing more people.

To do my part, I'm collecting all the different stories and blogs about Zak S I can find, and linking them all right here, for easy reference. If you have something to add, link it in the comments, and I'll throw it on the pile.
A good place to start, talking about Zak S and RPGPundit, the other awful gamer who 'consulted' for 5E.
A firsthand account of Zak S's tactics from one of his targets.
Revealing Zak S as the force behind the 'satire' (Read: harassment) blog the Dongion, by Ettin.
Pictures of how Zak S sics his followers on harassment targets.
A_Man_In_Black talking about Zak on Twitter.
A post about the time Zak tried to use a charity to make his harassment victims engage with him.
More on Zak S from A_Man_In_Black.
A post in three parts from Tracy Hurley, who has experienced Zak's bullshit firsthand. Special guest appearance by the Pundit, everyone's other least favorite D&D consultant and general horrible person.
Another instance of Zak S calling on his fanbase to harass someone, this time because the target wasn't a fan of Star Wars. Notice how there's at least 4 goddamn years of tweet and post history there, searched and saved just for an occasion like this.
Screenshots of Zak fucking up his use of sockpuppets on Reddit.
Olivia Hill weighing in on some of what she's gone through.
A link to a screenshot of the trans character in the VtM Prelude game Olivia mentions above.
A long and heartbreaking post from Zak's former girlfriend, Mandy Morbid. Content Warning on this one, it's ugly.


Zak S isn't the only horrible person in our hobby, though. Another major bigot haunting RPGs is James Desborough, who has been trying his hardest to bring GG into the tabletop realm.
Here's Ettin with a good overview of Des's antics.

Des deserves special mention for achieving something that was heretofore unheard of: making a game so vile and unpleasant that DriveThruRPG refused to carry it. This 'game' was a card game about GG versus the people it targets, and while he claimed it was 'fair and unbiased', everything from the sample cards to the product blurbs clearly paint the GGers as noble defenders of gaming against the horrid, inhuman social justice squad. It's the Fox News of card games.

This is a blog that covers a lot of the problematic elements in tabletop. Zak S and Des come up quite a bit, of course, but they're not the only ones.

More to come as it turns up!
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