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Oooh... all the drama of the US election ... 

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With the presidential campaigns in full swing, we ask if they are based on fear and negativity.
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Let's see who raises more money. They are both wealthy. Whoever raises more wins. It's all about money.
No one wins...   I picked the incumbent about a year ago
I know what you're talking about... and either way it wasn't much of a choice... kind of like this election.  I could care less who wins.... 
Hahaha! Yes, it is all a show anyways! Not only that, but an electoral college system that does not fully represent the people.
It's not the electoral that I dislike... it's my "choices"
I know, I dislike our limited choice. However, I also dislike the electoral system; it doesn't make sense in today's world. A Democracy represents the people, so instead of giving the winner all the points of a state, they should be split by percentages. Winner takes all is not representative of the people.
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