Since I've been posting less these days, might as well get all I can out of each one. There are multiple levels to this post.

* Hirotoshi Itoh carves river stones into sculptures. It looks like he carves them out and then adds additional materials. It's hard to imagine how the entire thing could be from the original stone. In any event, the are creative, amusing, and worth looking at. This is via Zu Lin Mir ( via +Karine Freymann (It's frustrating that Google+ wasn't able to fill in the correct link for +Zu Lin Mir.)

* As I said, this is via +Karine Freymann . She also has another post on a set of photographs ( which are surprising in similar ways -- especially the ones where a pile of bodies are arranged within an opening.

* Hirotoshi Itoh's gallery is Too bad the Flash is a bit too small. You will have to enlarge your browser display (ctrl-+) to see it well.

* Unfortunately, if you post that link to G+, no images appear on the posting. Since I wanted an image on this post (see below), I went looking for images associated with Hirotoshi Itoh ( It seems the stone sculpture images are all recent. The oldest seems to be 6 days ago as of this post. It was a nice post with good images. So I linked to that. It may be that Boogie Nuggets' post on Iam Turbo ignited a viral interest in these stone sculptures.
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