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If you're in the PDX area this weekend, come play DCC! I'll be running the excellent adventure "Sanctum of the Snail" at Guardian Games on Saturday, October 6th, from 2:00 to 5:00. Characters and hilariously gruesome deaths will be provided - be there!

Also, this game will be in the bar area of Guardian, so be sure to bring some ID to show that you're 21+

So, I'm going to start running regular open DCC one-shots at my local game store, and I was wondering if folks who do the same usual do them as 0-level, or if they run them with competent pregens instead? My initial plan was to run a funnel, but one of the players in my regular group pointed out that running a pack of hapless peasants might not be the best lure for players who don't know what they're getting into. Do you guys who run open games like this generally get a positive reaction from newcomers when running a funnel?

Is there an existing write-up anywhere for a fire elemental-themed patron? I feel like there MUST be, but my Google skillz are failing me. I dropped heavy hints of such a being in our last session, and the wizard player perked right up at the idea of bonding with such a fine fiery fellow. I really should have known my pack of murderhobos would be interested in fiery murder opportunities, so I probably should have hunted this down before the session...

By the book, can ranged weapons (one-handed, of course) be used for two-weapon fighting? My halfling player wants to use two slings, which seems odd but I can't find anything specifying that it's limited to melee weapons. I suppose it's not really overpowered, just curious!

I got the confirmation email today that my swag for running my first World Tour game has shipped. Ooh, I am excited!

Totally forget to get a picture taken, but I ranElzemon and the Blood-Drinking Box for a table of four - that was a LOT of fun!

I'll be running an adventure that I'm calling "Slip the Shackles of the Serpentman Science Silo!" from 6-8 PM at Guardian Games in Portland, OR. One can reasonably expect both serpentmen and weird science to feature therein.

I was curious, how do judges make patrons available for wizards to choose from? Do you just give the player the list of patrons and let them choose? I'm thinking of giving wizard/elf players a random selection of maybe 4 potential patrons that they've found described in their research in the (in-game) months between their funnel adventure and their first foray as a 1st level big boy. They'd then have to go to the relevant place and do the ritual to actually gain the patronage, which is an adventure in itself. Sound reasonable?

I'll be running two DCC games in Portland, OR at Guardian Games, at noon and 6:00 pm - each session is two hours long. Note that the 6:00 session is 21+ (not due to content, just because it's at a table in the bar area of the store).
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