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Meeting Point of Israeli & Swiss Innovation
Meeting Point of Israeli & Swiss Innovation

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GlobalTechBox – Introducing the “Ambucycle” by United Hatzalah

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Finding a parking space can be a real headache for many on a daily basis. With so many apps out there to help navigate us to our destination and give us traffic updates as we go, it was only a matter of time before someone addressed the parking issue. Once you hear about these innovative parking startups you will wonder why they weren’t invented sooner…

Enjoy StartUpMonday #13: The Startups With The Power To Eliminate Parking Stress

Happy Reading!

This week's Guest Blog by Marc Duke: "...start-ups are made up of people and where they come from makes a big difference. Apologies for the assumptions but I am pretty sure that your experiences will back me up here..."

Today we talk about innovation in human resource (HR). 

Who hasn't been in the situation of looking for a job? Or a new challenge? 

Check out our new blog post.

#StartUpMonday 12: HR Gets an Innovative Makeover With These Resourceful Startups

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Guest Blog: Swiss Companies are increasingly exposed to Cyber Risks

Looking back at 2015, there were so many articles and media coverage about companies that weren't able to secure their database.

Read here about the threads and what your company can do about it in 2016...
"...the more connected people (clients) get, the more exposed they and the banks become to cyber-attacks..."

Enjoy the reading.

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Happy New Year...

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GlobalTechBox.Com wishes you and your family a year filled with health, happiness and success!

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Personal security is a big topic these days! Read about the startups advancing the field:

#StartUpMonday 10: Personal Safety Startups You Need to Know About in 2016
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