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Interesting story about Mitt Romney. One of the commentators is one of Oprah' best friends.

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I don't care if he did it, I still prefer Mitt Romney over Obama.

Funny email I received...

"Though it is one of the most popular rifles sold to civilians, the AR-15 is rarely used in crimes, presumably because it’s not readily concealed. The most recent FBI figures show just 358 of the 8,775 murders by firearm in 2010 involved rifles of any type. By comparison, 745 people were beaten to death with only hands that year, but no one has called for outlawing fists."

Nobody give Sen. Feinstein any ideas.

Quote of the day:
“I am not robbed by people who have more money than me. I am robbed by a government that wants to penalize my industry and give increasing portions of what I earn to people who do not emulate my principals, morals and ethics.”
Cal Thomas

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