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Local Tools is a robust, full-featured system for managing lending libraries.
Local Tools is a robust, full-featured system for managing lending libraries.

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Libraries are looking for ways to both stay more relevant and offer more useful services to their communities. It's no surprise to us that many are starting to offer tools and other infrequently used good.

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Great to see this Resolution from the U.S. Conference of Mayors that embraces the Sharing Economy and calls on all cities to form a Sharing Economy Task Force! ( Not so great to see that Mayor Mike McGinn didn't join in the fun. How can we fix that?

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Great article form our friends at +Shareable: San Francisco's Mayor Lee Launches Sharing Economy Partnership for Disaster Response.

We think Tool Libraries should definitely be a part of this discussion for their value in equalizing access to tools for people of all income levels and building community.

#toollibrary   #disasterpreparedness   #sharing  

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Give the gift of a thousand tools for Father's Day, many Tool Libraries (libraries for "tools" rather than books and media) offer gift memberships.

#fathersdaygift   #tools   #sharing  

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Get It. Use It. Give It Back.  More and more people are learning that renting and borrowing can be even better than buying, storing and maintaining tools, sporting goods and other items.

Good summary in this +Shareable article. 

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Great comic - and illustrates why folks need lending libraries and/or to just use rental shops.... though we may be slightly biased.

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Great infographic on product design.

Hopefully the hotshot designers at Apple (and every other manufacturing/design company) are paying attention. We would love it even more if there was a bigger focus on avoiding, rather than just separating, hazardous materials.

We also wonder how quickly this type of design would become standard if manufacturers were required to take back and properly recycle their products at the end of useable and repairable life. (Pretty darn quick most likely!)

We definitely need more of this type of product stewardship.

#productstewardship   #LCA   #design  

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Want access to hundreds, or even thousands of tools without having to own and store them?  Maybe you're looking to borrow a kitchen gadget or small appliance?  We've got a map for that!

#sharing   #tools   #libraries  

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I love Apple hardware and software, but I'm not a fan of the trend toward unrepairable, and more difficult to almost impossible to recycle hardware.  Great post from that outlines the issues.

No, I'm not writing this from a Retina MacBookPro, though I am writing it from an older MacBook Pro where I've upgraded the RAM and hard drive and done a repair/tweak or two myself.

#Apple   #productstewardship   #recycle  

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Having a Tool Library in your neighborhood is more than about access to tools, it can help catalyze a local maker and or fixer movement. Groups like the West Seattle Fixers Collective grew out of the great community that started at the +West Seattle Tool Library.

Want to learn how to get started creating a lending library in your community?  We're putting together a series of blog posts on the topic - and linking to some other great resources.  

#sharing   #tools   #making   #fixing  
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