LENOVO P2 - a few thoughts.

Picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago and I've been blown away. Just a few things about it:

It has a very slick and smooth version of Android, near to stock but for a few really useful features, such as the ability to shrink the UI on either side of the screen for 'reachability' and the Night Mode for toning down the brightness at night. This is genuinely one of the smoothest non-Nexus devices I've used. There's also a great feature where you can entirely remove the on screen controls and just use a tap of the home button to go back and a hold to bring up multitasking. You start to see it as second nature after a while. Not sure if other devices have this option.

This also brings me to the fingerprint scanner - which is not as good as the iPhone 7 but is still pretty fast and has the same functionality as the iPhone - click takes you home. Some people don't like this layout but for me it is second nature, as a very familiar Samsung and iPhone user. I have never been keen on rear fingerprint scanners.

Amazingly loud and clear loudspeaker. Has better tonality than my iPhone 7.

Just incredible battery life. No need to worry about charging...ever. Bizarrely it even has fast charging, and a fast charging wall plug in the box. You can even charge other devices from the P2, with the included adaptor. The only downside is that it is not USB C.

The camera isn't that bad - it has its quirks but with a sideloaded Motorola camera app from XDA I've taken some really nice pictures. It's certainly better than I would expect for £200, and for some sunny situations I'd probably choose it over the iPhone 7 Plus, just because of its dynamic HDR (via the Moto app). Obviously in general use it's not going to compete with an S7 or iPhone though - it is usable though - not shamefully bad IMO.

The screen is excellent - 1080P AMOLED, and the toned down screen mode actually comes close to IPS in terms of its 'natural' look, so you kind of get the best of both worlds.

Expandable storage with adoptable as an option - currently my device is showing over 91GB as one solid lump of memory. I haven't experienced slowdowns as a result of using this option. The phone comes with 32GB of internal as standard too, which seems generous for such a cheap device on the UK market.

4GB of RAM - which I know +stevelitchfield would like. An incredible amount of memory for the money. Memory management on the whole has been excellent on the device.

Lovely feel in hand, and the device is quite slender considering it has a 5100mAh battery. Sleek metal with nice smooth edges.

There are one or two issues:

There is a noise cancellation bug, meaning that anything that records audio blows out and sounds utterly terribly when volume hits a certain level.

Some people have mentioned issues with notification delays, though I haven't noticed anything

It uses micro USB instead of USB C, which I think is a shame.

There are barely any case and screen protector options online.

It's debatable as to how much effort Lenovo will put into updates for this. It will be getting Nougat though. I wonder if Lenovo will be any worse with this than with their Motorolas though - I suspect not. The device even says 'manufactured by Motorola Mobility' on the back.

Has anyone else bought it and do they have any opinion on the device? Currently I'm loathed to take my SIM out and put it in my 7 Plus because I'm enjoying things like the battery perks too much! 
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