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Adam Bosworth
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VP, Amazon


Building iPhone Apps using Swift :) 

We (Keas) want to hire two great programmers - Ruby on Rails is a plus, but either way need to be willing to work using Ruby on Rails to go make the world healthier. 4+ years experience or exceptional ability :)

Should one ever run metrics directly off of a slave copy of a production database? If not, how do you detect problems in real-time as you run experiments?

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A reminder that most start ups (Keas included) no matter how successful succeed by failing until they succeed - We learn by failing and then course correcting. Human nature.

For the moment, I can't reciprocate on people following me. Way too many. Who are you guys? Trying to write metrics code, talk to money folks, sell, write I18n code, provide product direction, and talk to customers and press. Sorry if delayed response.

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I'm seeing an interesting trend. Over 30 - You love Google+. Under 30+ Not so much. Anyone else seeing this?

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