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Introducing Elvis
Elvis is a 6-axis robotic arm the size of a human arm, built from off the shelf electronics and laser-cut acrylic pieces, and is directly driven from Rhino + Grasshopper. This is the official introduction of Elvis 1.0. Elvis is open source and shared under ...

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Elvis: 6-Axis Robotic Arm, DIY :)

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Fragile Beasts | Sculpting Paper
The outcome of a 2 day workshop at the Łódź University of Technology, Poland. More here: 

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the ZHA serpentine sackler gallery. shell, curved glass, the works, and very fancy hand-dryers. very impressive.
ZHA 2013 - Serpentine Sackler 1309
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Catenaries, minimal surfaces, fabric formwork, thin-shells. We recently did a super fun workshop  getting our hands dirty building with earth and learning quite a few things on the way. 

Mr. Gaudi, Salut!
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