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How to create a virtual IP address in Fedora
Sometimes you will face a situation like creating virtual IP addresses in your machine for testing purposes. This simple blog post is on how to do it. Step 1 : Type ifconfig in console to list down the current  network configurations. It will display as bel...

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Introduction Ballerina is a programming language which is designed to do integrations with applications and services that can handle all integration scenarios. It is a language which is flexible which allows you to build your integrations from sequence diag...

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How to auto generate salesforce search queries?
If you are using salesforce as a developer you will need to know salesforce query language. Specially if you are using WSO2 salesforce connector, salesforce query is a must to know. Please read this article to know information on this. We have an awesome ec...

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How to include batch of test data in to Salesforce Dev accounts?
When you work with salesforce, you will need to have test data in salesforce dev account. In WSO2 if you use salesforce connector, sometimes you will need to deal with queryMore function. For more information, please check this link . This is a sample on ho...

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How to use an existing java class mehod inside a script mediator in WSO2
If you need to access a java class method inside WSO2 ESB script mediator, you can simply call it. Below is an example done to call matches() method inside  java.util.regex.Pattern class. You can simply do it as below. <script language="js" description="ext...

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How to Debug WSO2 Developer Studio tooling platform
This blog post shows you how to debug WSO2 Developer studio tooling platform I have selected developer studio kernel plugins to debug in this sample. 1. First of all you have to find the correct source you are going to debug from

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How to send custom header in soap message when invoking an API in APIM 2.0 without using a client
Introduction : WSO2 APIM has 2 methods of securing backend. Basic Auth and Digest Auth. So if the backend expects a security like WSSE security Username Authentication, there should be a method to apply security header.  Possible method is to send the parti...

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Scenarios to Understand Subscription Tier Throttling in WSO2 API Manager 2.0
With the new
throttling implementation, the subscription level tier quota will
define the limit that particular application can access that API  So basically the
throttling tier policy is configured for subscription level tier by :
appId + apiName + version...

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Difference in API and User Level Resource throttling in WSO2 API Manager 2.0
From WSO2 API Manager 2.0 throttling implementation onward 2 different throttling levels have been introduced in Resource Level throttling. When you login to admin dashboard you can see resource throttling tier configurations under throttle policies section...

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Sample WSO2 ESB API which Query salesforce and build a json array using payloadFactory Mediator
1. Download WSO2 ESB and Salesforce connector. 2. Add the salesforce connector and enable it. For more information please follow : Then the below API can be used to que...
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