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It's 10 PM (Est) do you know where you dad is? #PSA #Dadamnesty

Forgiveness is the antidote #dadamnesty

'Wait til dad comes home' has a totally different meaning today #dadamnesty 

2 mentees received a visit from their dad last nite.1st time they seen him all year.As mad as they were now nothing but smiles #dadamnesty

Here's an example of the power of a dad's presence. Watch the 1st (1.25mins) of the following video

What amazing things you can achieve when you know without a shadow ofm a doubt that you are loved !!!!

My daughter (5 y/o) asked me today if cows pee milk? She got it honestly.

In battle you always hear destroy the head the rest will die. Same goes for the family. Take the head (dad) compromise the rest. Family. 
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