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There are few things as disconcerting as the vulnerability you experience whilst putting your future at someone elses disposal.
So is the case with having to “ask” for a promotion. Some of us are not lucky enough to have our worth recognised for whatever reason. It could be that we didn’t showcase our achievements, or that our superiors just turn a blind eye to our contribution. Whatever it may be, you should focus on these lines as you approach your boss to prove you deserve a promotion:
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A job seeker is the one who has the control over his or her hiring process, more than the employer. But how? It’s your choice who you send your CV to. It is generally observed that some applicants send in their CV to companies and have no recollection of the position they applied for when contacted – not a good first impression if contacted by phone! Sometimes caught up in the desperation to find a job – A jobseeker sends in their CV without fully researching the position or the background of the company. With this attitude, job hunting can be at a snail’s rate when it should be voyaging at a high speed.

The first important step to job hunting is to get into the right mindset and plan a job searching strategy. It’s about you, so take complete responsibility for your job hunting process. A process of random mailings and phone calls to the companies you have very little knowledge about will only lead to failure. Successful research will help you in different ways like targeting the right companies and for right positions. Your complete and proper research will create a thrust for you in recognising the areas and industries that interest you and explore them more. Don’t just send in your CV for the positions you are unaware of or least know about. Also, it will put forward those skills and personal traits that you need to pinpoint in your CV with respect to the specific company. Efficient and proper research will even help you during interview stage and will make you able to sound like an insider at the interview stage. Even if a person has never worked in that particular area before, speaking the industry language and being aware of company and industry developments, will have a great influence on the person or committee interviewing you.

Proper planning is the key to success. Keep track and record all the companies and the positions you applied for and sent your CV to and contact details of the relevant persons. Don’t just send your application in to a company, sit back and relax while waiting for a reply. Keep yourself updated on the status of your application. Know your strengths and weaknesses and apply for a position according to them. By doing so, you will be able to plan your employment with respect to your strengths.

Most importantly, make your CV as perfect as you can. It’s a representation of you so make sure to present yourself in the best possible light and also according to the job you are aiming for. Pinpoint those skills and attributes that your efforts in research process indicates would be in favour for the target job.

A cover letter is a chance to sell yourself and bring those skills and personal elements into the spot light that you think the employer is in search of. It’s an opportunity to really shine so don’t squander it or take it for granted. Writing a high impact reference letter for yourself will make the employer longing to read your CV and call you.

Use of LinkedIn to find work and expanding one’s network has become an essential. A keen LinkedIn profile may be even more important than having a great CV and may help you in your job search more efficiently.

Give your best and have patience, you will get better results out of your efforts.

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5 Killer tips for your CV

Are you planning to apply for a job and are looking for ways to create an outstanding CV? Then, we have five killer tips to make sure that you grab your employer’s attention. Your resume will be worth the second look if you followed these tips:

Your CV must not be crammed with a lot of heavy vocabulary words and varied font styles, as it makes it look very inconsistent and unprofessional. Use simple words and the right headings so that in a glance, the employer should be able to find the relevant experience that the post requires.

Try to place the content that is related to the position you are applying for, on the top and irrelevant things on the bottom of your CV. And make sure that you must compress your experience and accomplishments to just one page, because a three page long pdf CV won’t work for you.

In this world of internet marketing, keywords play an integral role in getting your profile ranked higher. An online CV submitted would be getting the highest views, if one masters the art of perfectly using these keywords. So do make sure to include the necessary keywords in order to create an ideal CV that would land you your desired job.

Since the world is revolving around technology these days, like wise most of the companies have also started using ATS (Applicant Tracking System).This tool helps scan the CV and the one with the maximum number of keyword matches is most likely to be viewed by the employers.

So do check out profiles of successful professionals related to your field and try to mould your language and writing style like them. And remember do not over saturate your CV with keywords.

You may add the URL of your face book, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram account. Adding their link to your CV will help the recruitment team to analyse your social network, recommendations and projects you might have been involved in so far.

Head line should be an honest brief of what as an employee you can offer to the company. Keep it brief, precise and realistic.

Go for active voice rather than passive. Like if you have led a project, you may use words like administered, developed, formulated, incorporated, pioneered, and initiated. Or maybe you brought in new partners so you can express your experience using words like, negotiated and partnered or perhaps you took part in the research team so go for words like evaluated, forecasted, examined, surveyed, investigated and analysed.

Last but not the least proofread your CV. Careless spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can lend you bad reputation in the eyes of your employer. So be careful!

Just follow these tips and you will surely be able to impress not one but many employers with your CV!

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