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Steve Sasman
Loves business, tech, vacation rentals, sports and wearing shorts
Loves business, tech, vacation rentals, sports and wearing shorts

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100,000 Miles, 500 Uber Rides and a 48 State Road Trip... What's the Tesla look like now? 

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Oh cool.... G+ is still here??

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How To Rent Your Car For Fun & Profit...

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Check out this great podcast from Taylor White 

He gets the inside scoop from 30 VR insiders (including me). 

I've been listening to Taylor for a while and his podcast is super for anyone in the travel, vacation, or international real estate industries. 


A site where new users could "play" and have to pass a Test that makes sure their sound, video cam, and internet speed are up to par to pull off a successful Hangout. If a particular item isn't working, it would give suggestions on how to fix.  

Here is the problem when working with people new to hangouts:

1) They are afraid of the tech & don't know what to many are even afraid to try it. 
2) When they agree to a hangout, LOTS of time is wasted for Hosts getting the tech stuff working or having to cancel because their microphone didn't work, their internet was too slow, the plug in didn't work, etc. 

Having  a Hangout Test Site would enable new users to get comfortable without wasting time for hosts, and ensuring that scheduled Hangouts can start on time, without issues. Having a smooth user experience will  greatly help adoption of HOAs. 

At least 50% of my HOA's with new users are either wasting 30 minutes to work out the details, or have to be cancelled altogether for various tech reasons. 

+Billy Wilson or +Ronnie Bincer Has Google given any indication of something like this in the future???


Why is it so hard to find commercial insurance for Livery when using Uber?  All the UberBlack drivers have commercial so someone offers it but you would think more places would offer it?  I'm not a driver now but looking into it...   Anyone have any leads?   What about commercial insurance for renting your car out to others??   Thanks!

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It's Here... the Vacation Rental World Summit

Starting Friday June 13th, this Free 3-day online event is perfect for any owner or manager looking to learn about the latest strategies from 12 experts around the globe...including +Antonio Bortolotti the host, +Heather Bayer +alan egan +Tyann Marcink   and many more including yours truly. Excited to be part of it!  Register for free below...

#vrworldsummit   #vacationrentals #vacationrentalmarketing

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I'm just a tad excited to be one of 12 great speakers at the Vacation Rental World Summit coming up next month. 

If you own or manage Vacation Rentals, this free event will be the can't miss event of the year. Catch it all from the comfort of your home! 

Register at the link below to secure your spot! 

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Let's play "Name That Animal"  

Who knows what this is.. Probably easy if you live in AZ. 
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