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Jon Huisingh
Learned the hard way that babies are NOT dishwasher safe.
Learned the hard way that babies are NOT dishwasher safe.

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I wonder if this will be trouble for dropbox?

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Is anyone familiar with USB3? My computer will not boot if my phone is plugged into a USB3 port, googling hasn't really helped. If anyone know's what might be going on a little help would be appreciated. (a little more info, this only happens on the USB3 ports on the back of the mobo, USB2 is unaffected, the computer freezes on win 7 boot screen, x64)

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Think they are headed to Motherboy?

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Wasabi Blue Diamond almonds, how did I not know about you?!

Lunchables 3 for a buck at Grocery Outlet? Guess I'm bringing lunchables as lunch to work.... I've come full circle.

Ever see a homeless lady with a raccoon skin pillow ask people to stand up on a crowded bus so she can lay down, then refuse to pay and litter all over the floor? I have now....

4 Google Music invites, let me know if you need one.

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Braveyoung - How Each Friend Departed

This album made for an epic feeling dog walk last evening. Side note, dark at 8:15 already? Gaaaah.
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