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Carrie Canup
I live, learn, observe and absorb. Sometimes, I create...
I live, learn, observe and absorb. Sometimes, I create...

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Been up from 6am with face congestion, ear pain, headache. It hurts to touch my face. And Mr belly is a chorus of displeasure.

I hate being stuck in my body prison. It makes it difficult to do anything, anything but sleep. I think it's time to sleep.

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In pain but pleased with progress in the house. Need to rest. Have tools to do so.

Look, moruga scorpions.

I. Am. Exhausted.

But, I have medications. The doctor I saw this morning was completely cool with prescribing me whatever I wanted.

We are going back on time release tramadol. She ordered me my next tier. We got topical Diclofenac.

And, we are ditching lyrica. What?

Apparently, they have an extended release gabapentin now. This is reallyy good for people who've had gastric bypass because of how it absorbs. Gabapentin and pregabalin work similarly. I'd been giving thought to swapping back to gaba from pre.

The badthing is cost. Until I can get active under my new plan, I'm paying out of pocket. I found coupons card things that will bring costs down considerably..but,..shits expensive.

But, yay!

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I received this from +Charlie Hoover​ this morning and ideas helping as I wait, in pain, for my medication appointment at the pain clinic.


Burning legs. Aching back. Twitching butt. Needy dog.

So much for sleep couching it, 

So....we have embarked on reorganization and properly display the stuff we bought stage.

We needed to move my bakers rack in order to use the wall for new spice and small item storage racks that will be affixed to the wall. It also make maneuvering around the kitchen and into the dining area more functional.

We bought a runner and area rig from Whiskey so he can stop freaking out and wiping out every 5 minutes. We've dropped to once every few hours. I'll take it.

I've framed at least 15 works of art that need to be hung about the house. I still need to craft or find items for the bottom floor. I think I need to do something in one small area of the house, a mini nook, and create a little "shrine" of Harry Potter-esque art. I've got one poster, and a lightswitch cover for the fireplace that I've replaced that says "lumos" and "nox". If anyone has suggestions, I'll take them.

I'm hoping once I rearrange the kitchen now (move pantry items to the lazy Susan, redistribute the dishes) I'll start feeling less anxiety about things "needing to be done". Having Hari home this month has been wonderful for getting "home" set to rights.

Pics when finished.

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We had clear this morning. He's coming along well, but we have some serious work to do on "down". We (Hari, the instructor and myself) agree that he's likely avoiding the down because of pain. He's got some arthritis in his front limbs, so I can understand that. So we need to do modified downs until we can get him there. She did say we can use a more padded mat for the down for his test.

We came home and clipped his nails. We keep having "floor is lava" and thought perhaps it was that he was having grip issues. I think he's rushing. Then he tries jumping on not stationary things, like his feeding station, then really wiping out. He's special.

Then he got a frozen bone (major heat advisory, well over 100f) a light lunch (he has to skip his breakfast for class, hunger motivates, plus, all the treats) and now he's snoring.

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I live this.

I got 3 hours of sleep. I got up and brought the dog out. I read. We found a new cleaning service (had to for the last one, couldn't keep scheduled time slots). This meant organizing a few things in order to make the home appropriately accessible for a deeper clean (it's been almost 5 weeks, and I just cannot keep up, and Hari is trying, but work...).

I need to go and pick up the dogs medication now and his special kibble. I'm kind of over picking up mushy poop because my dog needs a super fiber diet. I need to do it now, before I become a puddle of drooling, human shaped, blob with blue hair.

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