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Chocolate-Dipped Variety Plate
Chocolate-Dipped Variety Plate Ingredients Chocolate of your choice – milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
bittersweet, semi-sweet, etc. White chocolate (If you want the pretties) Stuff you’re going to dip into chocolate (fruit,
marshmallows, s’more sandwiches, ...

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Door County Style Cherry Bounce
My mother's side of the family comes from Door County, in Wisconsin - the cherry capital of the US.  Naturally they've figured out how to cook cherries every which way. Our particular favorite is cherry bounce, a sweet boozy drink. This recipe is very simpl...

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My Zuni-Style Roast Chicken
I’ve tried roasting chicken Zuni-café style before
and the results were spectacular.  The
steps are fussy and you need to start preparing at least one to two days in
advance.  But none of it is
difficult.  I had no problems at all even
on the first attempt....

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The Ballad of Gladys the Turtle - a Child's Song.
At least eight or more years ago, my family was
still living in Chicago.  Every summer we
went up to the Wisconsin Northwoods, to boat and fish and kayak all over the
nearest lake.  One summer Nicole,
Brandon, and I got our dad to take us tubing as long as ...

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Intense Rice Pudding With Brandied Raisins
Rice Pudding with Brandied Raisins Very
loosely adapted from SmittenKitchen and Brown-Eyed Baker. Thick,
creamy rice pudding with an intense cinnamon vanilla hit.  For extra kick, steep cinnamon sticks and
vanilla extract in the milk the night befor...

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AKA's Tomato Sauce
tomato sauces are ridiculously heavy. 
Sometimes we don’t want vodka in our sauces either.  This sauce is light but tomatoey, and the
bacon lends a meaty edge without being overpowering.  Crank up the flavor by roasting the tomatoes,

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Sakecello Highball
Sakecello A light drink, the sake cuts the sweetness of the limoncello and adds a slightly floral note. ½ packet of Crystal Lite lemonade mix 2.5 oz limoncello 2.5 oz sake Half a glass of ice 8 oz of cold water

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Baked Apple With Creamy Calvados
Apple with Creamy Calvados adapted from ) (Makes 2 servings, about 260 calories each) ·          2 gala apples ·          Cinnamon ·          1oz Calvados brandy ·          1/8 tsp M...
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