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Great test
running a test number 2. 

test: can lots of reshares of a google plus page like this one: for a plumber in Peterborough, Ontario increase rankings if we mention the NAP info too:

505 Parkhill Rd W Peterborough, ON K9H 3J4‎
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(705) 742-3433

currently in position "E" in GP.  Let's all reshare this G+ post a bunch of times and see if we can raise it's rankings.  who's in...?

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Great plumber!
this is test, to see if lots of mentions of a local business like will improve local rankings for a plumber in kingston, ontario.

Please re-share this link on your google+ profile to help this test.

Great plumber!

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Google Places Bug Makes Listings Disappear for 6-10 Weeks! They call this a HICCUP???

What other company on earth besides Google, can tell customers, “Sorry we had a ‘hiccup’. Your business may recover in 6 – 10 weeks.”

SERIOUSLY! 6 – 10 weeks??? Who can get away with that? Free service or no, Google Places needs to get it’s act together!

Important info about GP update cycles, critical theories about bugs, the Places “sandbox”, pending review and more toward bottom of this long post.

CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE IMAGE that illustrates many of the other Google bugs and problems.

Love Google+ Interface Seriously Great Work!

This is pretty cool looking
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