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Andrew Vella
I am adding another voice to the white noise of the Internet. Christian. Husband. Father. Son.
I am adding another voice to the white noise of the Internet. Christian. Husband. Father. Son.

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Two marriage books by Chandler and Chan
While waiting for some conference audio to drop I decided to look into my christian audio account to see what I had to listen to in the car. Every month they give away a book for free and every month I click on the link and then forget about it (except abou...

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Humilitas and A Doubter's Guide to the Bible
Over my break I aimed too high and I wanted to read whole lot more than I actually did. I only managed to read these  two short books by John Dickson (besides the reading I did for  my sermon prep ), they are about 180-200 pages long and the pages are small...

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Francis Schaeffer - Volume 2: The Bible as Truth
Every Sunday night I try and read some Schaeffer, as I was given his complete works, and something like that should be read. In Volume 2 there are five books all around the Bible. Coming from Volume 1 , I'm starting to think Schaeffer was last generations T...

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Proverbs on Friendship
Long post ahead. I had the privilege of preaching at my church on Sunday. Over the summer break we are doing themes from Proverbs. I was given the topic of friendship, which I first thought would be quite hard, but after doing some reading I think I could h...

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2016 Conference Talks
I constantly say that we live in a great age where we can access almost any content we like from almost any where in the world. As I drive to and from work each morning, I try to use that time by listing to conference talks. Below is the free audio I listen...

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Crazy Busy, God's Word and Homosexuality
Over the last few years Kevin DeYoung has released some short books. Like Just Do Something , these books are about 100-150 pages and can be read in a few sittings. Since they are short books, I thought I would try and leave a short review of them. Crazy Bu...

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Systematic Theology by John M Frame
In this book John M Frame sets out an overview of Christian Theology. I'm going to level with you, this is a big book. In fact it may not have been written to be read back to back, although there is a logical flow to the chapters and some do build upon each...

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Kingdom Investment
On Sunday I had the chance to speak at WatersEdge@Cafe, which is a short church service for a new community of faith out at Googong. I wrote this talk out word for word (see below) but that afternoon I was encouraged to deliver this talk without notes. I di...

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Francis Schaeffer - Volume 1: Philosophy and Culture
This year I have decided to read Schaeffer on my Sunday nights instead of Ryle . The main reason I picked Schaeffer is because I was given his complete works, and it would be unbecoming of a complete set like this if they were never read. I thought it would...

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The Prodigal Church
Last year I downloaded a talk by Jared C Wilson from The Gospel Coalition 2015 conference and I thought he was good. I also had just finished a book that Wilson had co-authored, so I thought I might see how this guy writes on his own (I had never read his b...
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