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Marketing – think one

By Peter Mann, Buzz Associates

Try this:
• Who is the one person you want to talk to?
• What is the one thing you want to say to them?
• Why should they believe you?
• How do you want them to feel as a result?

Every customer and prospect is an individual – it’s not companies who buy stuff, but individuals in those companies.  And every individual has an individual need.

Cars and clothes make the point – how many people arrive for work driving identical cars and wearing identical clothes?  None – we all like to express ourselves differently.

So think of this when you're planning your marketing and promotional work.

Think of just who it is you are targeting and the one thing you would say to them if they were briefly – because that’s all the time they will give you – standing in front of you and you wanted to grab their attention.

And having grabbed their attention, how can you turn attention into an order?

Let’s take an example.  Supposing you make plastic parts for other manufacturers to incorporate into their products.  Or you offer a training service.

In both cases, your potential market is wide.  Google ‘Plastic parts’ or ‘Training’ and you'll be overwhelmed with links, 99.9% being irrelevant.

But Google ‘ABS precision parts’ or ‘Forklift training Biggleswade’ and the results look more useful.

“But,” you say, “I do that anyway.”  But do you?  Do you really apply the discipline of successful online searching to promoting your company?

Is your website organised so visitors can find just what they want in two clicks at most?  Or do you make them work for the tiny bit of information they're seeking – information that could turn into an order for you rather than your competitors?

And do you incorporate what makes your product or service really special, even unique?

Those plastic parts – does this sound interesting and useful:

We make plastic parts in red, blue, yellow, green or any colour to suit your requirements.  They can be large, small or tiny and made of ABS, PP, PEEK and more.  And suitable for temperatures from minus 60°C.

Perhaps it’s fortunate the plastics industry has developed a simplified language which the audience readily understands – but if your business isn't so fortunate, what then?

Training is a good example.  What does ‘Management training’ mean?  Is it training to be a manager or training in all aspects of management from marketing to accountancy via production and purchasing?

That leads us back to the four bullet points at the head of this article, for if, as a training organisation, what makes you unique is…

Local training by qualified experts approved by their respective bodies.

… then the ‘one person you want to talk to’ and ‘the one thing you want to say to them’ begins to take shape, with the simple addition of a very specific training course.

What would your choice be?

Mine is:
• Person – Operations Manager.
• Thing – local [specific] training.
• Belief – trainers approved by their respective bodies.
• Feeling – trustworthy.

You'll notice price doesn’t enter into any of this.  Of course we all want to charge a lot but pay a little.  But we also want repeat business, which is easier to obtain than new business and should be more profitable.  By selling benefits and promoting quality and trustworthiness, price becomes a secondary issue, over which you have greater control. 

Have a look at your website, your other promotional activities and listen to how your sales force operate.  Are you making it easy for the individual prospect, who is only interested in one aspect of your business, to find what they want?

Then ask someone not directly connected with your business what they think – and sit by them when they look so you get their instant responses first hand.

Don't defend what they are looking at, but listen carefully, no matter how upsetting it might be, and check with other people to see if those comments are widespread.

Then fix it – and monitor the results.  (You do monitor where every promotional penny is spent don’t you?)

And remember – think one person and one key thing about your business they will remember, for that is what they are buying into.

© Buzz Associates Limited, 2014.
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