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Mark Greeno

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My first major music video: 
Please Share and like this on Youtube.
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This made me think of you ... Thought you might be interested in this -
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Mark Greeno

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Very cool and enlightening! Go analyze your Facebook universe. Amazing find!
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Mark Greeno

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Why doesn't google help me with my business website instead of only giving me Google+ for business?!! I would have to pay tons of money to have a pro design databases and blah blah just to get a site that really isn't that hard to make like if Google would let me use their site for my site.

I would have to have three different programs on my server insecurely linked together always wanting to go do just to have that. Google has all of these great cloud services that would really make my website go. If only....someone hears this plea from a frustrated inventor who only wants a really nice site for his product.  

Maybe +Google Ventures  or +Kevin Rose will find someone who thinks like me in their tech enclave. Maybe +Apple will figure that out now that they have cloud servers. Everything is swinging back to small business.

Mark J. Greeno 
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Mark Greeno

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It is amazing to me to think America is no longer the place to live in the world. We spend so much money on fighting wars and building other countries to only update our highways every half century or so. Our churches send missionaries to other countries instead of fixing our own tent cities downtown. I can't understand that we consider taking away seniors healthcare instead of pulling every troop out of theaters of war. 

I close with this fun shocking find through Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who renounced his U.S. citizenship earlier this year. His escape of capital gains taxation highlighted a shocking fact to me. As naive as it sounds I would never believe it to be true but there are people who would rather live permanently in another county in the world. These people most likely will do this the rest of their lives. 

Gives you a glimpse of the rich life. "I don't look for wealth, I look for Independence." they say this but instead get locked outside the gates. No other country is freer to imagine greatness. We invited "the happiest place on Earth" I drove by it's descendant in Florida. 

Are we really independent? Fighting wars is a waste of my tax dollars, I want free energy instead. I would like one church from every city in the USA to unit together and fight poverty in Detroit? We could relax in the car in traffic watching/using our tablets resting in its @MightyDoQ.
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Mark Greeno

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The ignorance in people who are supposed to be experts in weight-loss is sickening. What would I know about weight-loss right? Diet is 90 % of weight-loss anyone who tells you otherwise hasn't lost 140 pounds or 12 inches off their waist. OMG this makes me mad. DON’T REPLY TO THIS POST WITH SOME BULLSHIT UNLESS YOU WANT SOME OF MY FURY IN RETURN, I AM REALLY SENSITIVE TO MISINFORMATION IN WEIGHT-LOSS PROPAGANDA THAT DOESN’T REALLY HELP PEOPLE. Like my gays are with Chick-fil-A right now, I am mad at people who spread exercise at the solution. Exercise makes your body want more food, because it is an engine in essences. When you slam on the acceleration in your car the engine uses more gas. Works the same way with your body and you end up not doing anything as far as making a lot of weight-loss happen. I did little to no exercise to lose my weight only DIET was changed.
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Mark Greeno

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Mark Greeno

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Mark Greeno

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I HATE the #Streetfighterz business in St. Louis and what you stand for. I can not wait to see your demise soon. Your a riot starter who has run your course of destruction to the end instead of doing something positive with your community. HOW DO YOU FEEL NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PARTICIPANTS SAFETY? WOULD THEY BE THERE TODAY IF YOU DIDN'T ORGANIZE IT?

You have the power to host an event at a safe secure location and go all out with it instead of running the streets like the Lost Boys. It is dumb people like you that ruin honest lawful safe event planning in the motorcycle community. If people want to express themselves on motorcycles I think that is great, but most importantly do it safely. 

Seeing the news of the police going to be focusing on you was such a joy today. I have such hope that someone other than you will plan an event that you should have once you have been dealt with. I see the firestorm you have started in the local law enforcement community and I think finally they are coming for you. 


Mark Greeno
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Mark Greeno

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A lot of small companies have formed in time of monetary disrepair. So I feel good times are ahead. Being aware of this future is not enough anymore. If you have an idea speak up lets start something.  

I can see a country again focused on a better life here instead of focusing on the other side of the spectrum only. We need more balance and need to start feeling fear leave our lives and start believing in our surroundings again.

I get out walk my neighborhood and practice something positive. You might want to walk your dog or walk your streets for exercise. I smile because this is my community. If your house is hit with disaster you might need their help as would they if it impacted them too.

Try if you dare to wave at any neighbor/person you see. You will feel such a peace spreading into a wonderful feeling. I try to practice a method of feeling better and not holding something wonderful back.  

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Sept beard month. Never had one so going to see where this goes.
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Mark Greeno

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Psychology 101 pays off again. I remembered the Kübler-Ross model. Well I remembered that there were steps to accepting something no matter how horrible it may be. I knew the last step Acceptance. Then I googled steps of acceptance...boom.

So after taking Psyc 101 three times in extreme boredom and in remembering this today really helped in the understanding of mom's mood swings over the last couple of months. Today I talked to her on the phone and she shed so much light through the cell phone it glowed, well not really. Our conversation was so beautiful.

My mom today was this person who was all of the greatest things that encompasses who she is. She was the person I remember talking to me about God and how exited she is to share her experiences with him. She was so pleased with my latest idea in the shoe rack biz and gave me some of her thoughts about it. This was a dramatic shift from what has come before.

Mom was not really dealing with the thoughts of her path. She was not really able too because she was in such pain. With the pain she was in she had to take the most extreme pain killers for a long period of time. With that intense treatment your mind goes.

When she went to Springfield weeks ago she began to feel better. So she began to think of what was going on. With this onset she began to go through the steps in the Kübler-Ross model.

Denial was craziness to all of us. She would not hear reason on any subject. The most extreme impossibilities seemed child's play to her. There was little talking to her about anything.

Anger was really hurtful to us. The calls were unbearable mean. One of the few people you want to love in your life makes it impossible for you to love. What a bad place that was.

Bargaining was really fun. When I saw her in Springfield last week it took two of the greatest salesmen to sit her down and go through the terms of the deal. My brother Tim and I had "sit" with her outside in the garden and went down the details of the deal. She got out of us a private room amongst other things. Tim and I were really amazed we closed her. Don't ever wonder where Tim and I got our salesmanship from, well look no further.

Depression set in and was really quite time. She had the phone off and really wanted it to end soon. This was the saddest time.

Acceptance today was so joyous she really made my heart sore. She made me want to be a better person because she was on such a higher plain of happiness. She was the best of what we can be as humans.

The last few months with this as a whole has been really impossible for me. I don't know how I made it through in better shape. This proves to me the power in people to change.
The Kübler-Ross model, commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief, is a theory first introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. She was born in 1926. Her lifelong dream was to be a doctor, but her father fo...
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Consultant. St. Louis Missouri
Entrepreneur and thinker who yields his time to cinema, technology, and low carb/low calorie food.

I have been shaped from spent the majority of my life in St. Louis Missouri and it has driven my desire to explore and learn about other things. I never grow tired of the pursuit of knowledge. 

My entrepreneurial spirit has prospered from my situation. I am never satisfied and always looking for perfection. I always have plans. 

I create new things in film, literature, gadgets, and furniture because that is where my mind goes. Most of my free time are yielded to these interests. Without these interest life is rather dull. 

Life has taught me many lessons. These lessons have shaped who I am and they keep me strong.
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Got a scholarship for acting after doing only one play in my life. I didn't take the scholarship, since I was majoring in parting.
  • Saint Louis Community Collage
    Business and Computer Administration, 1998 - 2010
  • Fox Senior Highschool
    1995 - 1998
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Consultant based in St. Louis, Mo.
Mass media production and marketing.
  • Media Outlaws
    Associate producer and director., 2013 - present
  • Mighty Consumer Products LLC.
    Founder, 2012 - present
  • Verizon Wireless
    Sales, 2009 - 2013
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