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In Ghana, a run that veered off-limits
Ghana – I’m just back from a 60-hour trip to five African countries – pretty hard
to imagine – that included a stop here and in Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, and
Sierra Leone. We went to assess the Ebola response in the three most-affecte...

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A run to the sea
Maine – For the last few months, my running has slowed down, thanks to an
injury to my left calf. So I’ve pieced together 20- or 30-minute runs, knowing sharp
pain would come at some point. I ran around the Washington Monument ...

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Mind over matter: Full of energy, but why?
My posts are almost always far from home. But on my return
home from a month in Asia, it felt new again, and a recent run was particularly
thought provoking. So here goes: At home, I generally run three or four times a week and on
weekends I try to join my ...

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Photo blog: Running in Hong Kong
  HONG KONG – This is an incredible place to run and to discover the island's vast network of trails. But my best running tip here came over a beer. This beer: My friend and colleague Nicolas and I had discovered an
outside Beer Fest one weekend afternoon o...

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In China: What is behind the curtains?
China – This may be hard to believe, but I travel in such a fast-moving,
security-protected bubble – often a different city every day – with so much
work to do that sometimes I arrive in a city that I know in name only. At such tim...

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Along the Great Wall: Have a Tsingtao!
  ON THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA – It’s been a long dream of mine
to see the Great Wall of China, the 5,500-mile long structure that runs from
east to west of the country. With the luck of good airport connections and a
travel companion, my friend Ed, who speak...

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In Jeddah, a discomforting run
         JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – I’ve always wanted to run in Saudi
Arabia. It had nothing to do with the beauty of the place. It had everything to
do with the challenge -- particularly the discomfort.                 Not
only do summer temperatures rise to ...

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Squeezing in a run in Toronto; transported to another place
TORONTO – Sometimes my trips are so quick that the biggest
challenge for a run is finding the time. Toronto proved especially tight. We
arrived at our downtown hotel here at 9:45 p.m. We were leaving the next day at
11:30 a.m. – less than 14 hours in all. W...

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Davos: Mary J. Bilge, Bono, and dark woods
Switzerland – Davos’ brand is truly global. Come here and see 40 heads of
states, 350 senior public officials, and 1000 industry titans, or Eric Schmidt,
Bono, and Bill Gates. Or walk into a small bar off a hotel lobby (if you're we...
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