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I want to get the google + account information to manage the account from a different email for my job. currently we can not track down which email is the admin for the account. How can we find or redirect the authority to manage the google + account?
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Local Places Page - Verified
If you have lost access to your Local Places page then you can try the following:

- Go to and select the appropiate business type (Shop Front or Service Area)
- Enter your business name and address to search for your company.
- Select your business from the search results, and you should get a prompt such as:
Someone else has already verified this listing
This listing has already been verified by another user. If you want to add this listing to your account, you can make a request that will be sent to the current verified user.
- Click the Request Admin Rights button

This should then email the current owner who will have the opportunity to transfer ownership, if after a week there has been no change in ownership then contact the business team to progress further

See this article by +Peggy K to help prevent losing access to your page in future:

If you have any other issues relating to Local Pages then You would do better asking that question in the Google and Your Business forum (!forum/business) because that is where you will find the experts on business-related issues. Alternatively you can browse the help centre at  This community is for questions and problems relating to Google+.
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