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See you in two... weeks!!
Dear family and friends:  Alas, I'm nearing the end of my mission. I don't have any more time left
but I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the support, kindness,
friendship, faith-filled prayers, encouragement, counsel and advice that each

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"I'll continue to serve with everything that I got left."
Dear family:  Well, my family, I'm
afraid that I'd finally been overcome by more stress than I've ever experienced
in my entire life.  Towards the end of
last week, I had become more internally stressed more than any other moment in my
life. I feel that...

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"Be careful what you fast and pray for!"
Dear Family:    This was a very challenging week and I'm amazed and grateful to the Lord
for having been able to overcome it.   I tell you what though, if you fast in order to become more patient, the
Lord will sure let you have it. So be careful for what...

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30 days to go!!
Dear family:  A lot of interesting things took place this past week!   1. Elder Moss, an American missionary who will be returning home six weeks
after me, and I went on a split Tuesday and Thursday morning so that we could to a government facility
where ...

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"The Sabbath Day is one of the best days of the week."
Dear family:  The ingrown hair is finally gone and the inflammation that it left behind
has decreased, which has brought me a lot of relief and has been a great reason
to rejoice. Yes, any kind of medical assistance or medication that we need is
well tak...

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A very gross... "blessing in disguise."
Dear family:    Last week on Saturday night,
my companion and I didn't receive a call from the assistants, meaning that I've
officially made it to my last transfer in the Bénin, Cotonou Mission, that I'll
be dying in the Calavi University (I) secteur, an...

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"When the Lord answers prayers, which he always does, he sure doesn't disappoint."
Dear family:  Last week in the Bénin Cotonou Mission, was yet
another splendid, miracle-filled week:    Monday,
Family Night at the Stake President's house! This was the first family night
that I had attended since my arrival to Calavi! The missionary co...

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Two weeks in one!
Dear family:  I sincerely apologize, but my companion and I got to the Cyber late and so
I only have a few minutes to write before the Cyber closes.  I wish I had time for details, but here's as brief as brief can get: two of
our investigators (Fr. Olivie...

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Only 10 weeks left!
Dear family:  I have some great news to announce!! This may come as a surprise, but after
having taught him every day for the past month, Fr. Olivier had been baptized last Saturday !! I've never had
an investigator progress, accept our message, act accor...

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"The Lord's grace is indeed amazing."
Well, my family, I've had quite a spiritual week. In fact, I've been
feeling the Spirit more aboundantly in my life than I ever have throughout the
entirity of my mission every day and it has been an absolutely marvelous
experience. I had a very precious...
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