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This blog is closing
After another onslaught of comment-spam I'm giving up on Blogger. I don't write frequently, so my opinion probably doesn't count for much, but Blogger hasn't evolved much over the last few years; how much longer before Google closes it? If and when I pick u...

I have encountered a font-rendering issue. My Settings contains custom CSS (screen styles only) which changes the font family to Droid Sans. Everything works perfectly on the first laptop (where I made the change).

However, when starting Checkvist on the second laptop, everything appears to render in Times New Roman. I've checked the custom CSS, logged-out and back in to Checkvist, deleted the Checkvist cookies (all of them), restarted the browser ... no difference.

I've also temporarily disabled ad-blockers and the Disconnect plugin, in case they were interfering. No difference.

This is in Google Chrome 51.0.2704.79 m on Windows 7 (first laptop) and Windows 10 (second laptop, same version of Chrome).

This is probably something silly (and my fault, not Checkvist's) but I just can't see what it is...


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Do one good thing today.

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Funniest (and sharpest) thing I've read in ages:

How will Labour top losing the election? By losing its own leadership contest

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Launch into space with a Chrome Experiment that follows the entire 36-year-long odyssey of the ISEE-3. See its entire path as an interactive documentary, read its instruments, and view its live trajectory and position as it flies through interplanetary space.

Issues discovered when using Chrome extension and bookmarklet.

The context menu posts a popup frame with authentication challenge which cannot be dismissed using the 'close' link.

The Chrome extension doesn't have a 'create task from website' command: it only enables viewing and editing of the lists in the popout frame. 

The context menu extension (bookmarklet for Chrome) doesn't detect an existing authenticated session - it prompts for credentials even when a persistent session has been established. 

Can't these extensions be merged? I don't want two separate extensions for Checkvist, especially when they seem to require separate authentication.

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On our way from Cardiff towards Barry, early morning sunshine behind us. Going to wait for the tide then cross the Bristol channel and head for Watchet. 

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Only sad geeky people like me will find this funny. I don't care - it made me smile. 
Do you understand how TCP protocol works?
If not then may be this post can help by comparing TCP against UDP
If you still don't get it then this TCP joke can surely help you :)
#programming   #java  

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+Workflowy gets better and better.  Multiple selection is now possible - this makes reorganising stuff so much easier and means I will probably use WF even more in future.

Outlines or tree-structures are more useful than you might initially believe, especially when you can attach substantial amounts of text to the tree nodes. 

A few frustrations with WF though, especially around the handling of hyperlinks. You can paste a URL and it will become a hyperlink, but you can't attach a link to selected text. And there are no browser tools e.g. 'clip to Workflowy'.

Overall, Workflowy rocks - it's probably my favourite web application.
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