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Another great group about EP besides the facebook group is the reddit group. There are some very intelligent people in that group that often help answering things and discuss things:

Hi... I am making a short video on the wage gap. Could someone here give me some comments on the video itself?

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If you ever need to teach EP in any setting I would recommend taking a look at some of these slideshows made from professors of all over the world:

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I am making a lot of March of Progress pictures. This is one of the longer ones :-)

Another forum for EP. This one has a lot of great minds in it so check it out:

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Just gave $10. Great idea, great project!
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My favorite EP blog.

Michael Mills have written my favorite EP blog and it's very great, informative and intellectual.

My favorite posts are:
"How to Really "Get" Evolutionary Psychology"
Why Most "Sex Differences Experts" Actually Aren't
"How Can There Still Be a Sex Difference, Even When There Is No Sex Difference?"
"A 'Periodic Table' of Human Psychological Adaptations"
"Sex Difference vs. Gender Difference? Oh, I'm So Confused!"

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A lot of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, social psychology and much more comprised into a 7 part documentary. 

With great minds and psychologists such as:

Simon Baron-Cohen, Richard Lippa, Anne Campbell, Judith Rich Harris, Robert Plomin, Simon LeVay, Richard Nisbett, Steven Pinker, David Buss, Charles Murray, Richard Lynn et al.
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