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After losing my brother-in-law (a U.S. Navy sailor) to suicide this summer, choosing this charity to support with this challenge was a no-brainer.

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Yes, please!

Ugh, why does Google make multiple sign-in so difficult!

Anyway, I are here!

I forgot to share this here, but I want it to spread as wide as possible. If you never reshare any of my inane babbling, reshare this:

So it's that time of year again.... no, not what you think. It's the time of year when scammers step up their activity. They know you're spending extra money right now and they want part of it.
A few things:
Is your anti-virus current? Check, I'll wait. Is it a demo that came with your computer and expired ages ago? Do yourself a favor and go to Google and search for either MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) or Avast! (If you have Windows 8, MSE is already installed in the form of Windows Defender, but we'll have to get the other anti-virus off first. Email me and we'll work through that). If you choose Avast!, keep in mind that you have to reregister every year. It doesn't cost, unless you choose a premium version or feature (but there's no reason to), you just have to do it to get your updates.
Second, keep in mind that Fedex and UPS do NOT require you to download anything to track your packages. Your bank will NOT email or call you asking for personal information. The former is a warning about a favorite method to spread Cryptovirus, about which I've written before. I don't want my Christmas gift to you to have to be "Sorry, all your personal stuff is so encrypted the NSA couldn't get into it now. Either pay the $350 or lose it all forever." The latter concerns scams that are as old as electronic banking. If you receive an email supposedly concerning your bank account. Manually go to the bank's website to log in (don't follow a link from the email) or call their customer service. If you get a call from "your bank" to call a number and verify your credit/ debit card, call a local branch or customer service directly.

So I saw yesterday that the U.S. government is looking to ban transfat (hydrogenated oils) completely. I, for one, think that's great. I would have been happy with the "Truth in Transfat" bill, but this is even better, and will possibly do more to improve overall U.S. health than the AHCA (about which I am not going to debate).

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Wanted to share the monster I created just in time for Halloween (commissioned build, not my own). I've worked with smaller servers, both in size and spec, than those which grace this workstation. No liquid, LN2, or even crossfire, but the size of the Elysium Super Tower alone make it noteworthy to me!
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Got my Radeon HD 7950 In today. Have a comparison pic w/ the Radeon HD5450 and a shot showing how close to not fitting it came (The HDD actually had to be shoved forward and left unscrewed!)
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Too important not to share: I've cleaned so many of the fake anti-viruses off machines..... this is actually frightening. Keep you AV up to date, stay out of the dark corners of the internet, and don't run executable files that are emailed to you. I don't spread hoaxes, they piss me off.... that said SHARE THIS.

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FX-8350 and 16 GB RAM. And, after nearly 3 years, back to Windows.... as soon as the fail( ed | ing ) drive finishes cloning.

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'nuff said
This cannot be said enough.. Some people are iDiots.
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