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Eli Malik
gay and fabulous :D
gay and fabulous :D
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military + women's rights + talking about it + homosexuality = exCUSE ME?!?!?!?

watching digestion video in Human A&P. video says we are what we eat. funny, i dont remember eating a sexy beast this morning XD

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for all you fabulous guys like me out there :D here's the fall/winter fashions. ya i know you love me

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the end of the world is coming 0_0 just panic and run away
This is #HurricaneSandy  approaching NYC

I'm bunkered down in DC and I don't think Sandy is messing around. But it's cool! I've got a fire in the fire place, all my stuff charged up, several movies, and tethering. I think I can make it through ;)
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