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Paula Bonilla

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Oral presentation: The moonstone Paula Bonilla, Cristina Funes, Acoran Rodríguez and Ana Maldonado

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Family Meal
Yesterday, I went to Splau
with all my paternal family. Firstly, I woke up at ten more or less. Newly
raised, I took a shower with warm water and I washed my hair carefully and
gently. I thought I was in the paradise. I evaded me of all that was around me.

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The procession
I would
like to start this entry of blog by saying I am not a religious person. Last night, I
went to see the procession of San Vicenç with my mom, my little brother and my
boyfriend. Notwithstanding that I hate everything about church I have to admit
that ...

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Course of Taekwon-do
I will
explain to you what I did last Sunday, but first I am going to explain that it
is Taekwon-do.  Taekwon-do is a martial
art. It originated in North Korea in 1955 and this is extended for many
countries along the years. I practice taekwondo since 8 yea...

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The current event which has surprised you
When I thought everything was wrong. When I thought things couldn't get worse.  When I saw my life flash before my eyes. When I didn’t know what else to do… Just in this moment, he appeared. It seems incredible but it was well. That November 9, at 11 am, yo...

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The best composition
everyone! I think the best composition I did was to "students who are not
interested in learning make it difficult for other students in the same group
to progress". In it, I tried to explain and express the feelings that my
class transmits to me. I t...

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Special day of this Christmas
The best
day of this Christmas for me was the day of “Los Reyes Magos”. I was sleeping
in my bed when my little brother came running to wake up. He was very happy and
anxious and wanted to open all the gifts, but my mother made ​​him wait. They
were only 8 ...

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Description about me!
In this voice note I make a brief presentation of me. I hope you learn!

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