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I've emptied my head whilst I've been here. And that's the best thing I could have done. It's made me a little calmer. At peace. At peace with what has, will and is happening. I'm humbled. And that's the most I could have asked for. ❊

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Yesterday I didn't: / buy wine - I bought beer / find a bottle opener - I used a knife / eat the fruit I picked up / type up everything I said I would ❊

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Today I will: / buy wine / find a bottle opener / pick up some fruit / and finally type up all my thoughts ❊

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It wasn't that their conversation lacked intelligence, it was just easier to talk about the habits of pigeons than why she was crying. ❊

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It was quite the marvel really. These three kids, they'd been here all morning. Riding down the hill. Running back up. They passed at least twenty benches on the way down, along with the expected scoffs from the older generation and the occasional pretty wo...

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And she had this habit of ordering a coffee then fidgeting with her stuff until arrived. As though that tiny espresso was her centre of gravity. She was bizarre in that way, right up until noon. Of course she smoked, as her mother did. And each one always l...

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I wasn't expecting to see you hiding there, here, where I am now. All these years later. But there you were, passing those seductive glances you do so well. You cut me up so bad, so many times that I figured there wasn't much left to destroy. That killed me...

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You seemed brighter that day. Liked you'd slept more than four hours and hadn't been drunk the night before. And this rare sight filled me with a little of the good stuff. I've stepped back, and I now see you can do it alone. As can I. I realise now this a ...

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Saner heads prevailed this morning. I've eaten more than a banana and filled my lungs with fresher air. ❊

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08/06/16 | Here
There is more, more to see, more to dance with and alongside. And on the wine-front, I am more than satisfied. There is more sky. More time to fill and more pictures to take. I notice more options and opportunities. It feels close enough to reach and far en...
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