Hello, world! (By the way, would anyone like a free license for JuiceDefender Ultimate?)
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Sure would, how do I do that?
That would be awesome! I've been using the free version for a while, but WiFi and AutoSync management, along with whitelisting apps would be great to have!
That would be great, but I paid for it a long time ago and was happy to!!
Yes indeed its been great. Can I gift it to my wife? 
I would like a free license, just upgraded to Plus yesterday.
If we do get the free license how we gunna apply it to the plus and please send it out.
Second that, or am I third in line?
Sure, would be great. But how can I install this.
That's what I wanna know too... Look out for the cook-out, JD!
If i uninstall my copy, would you give me another one just for the sake of getting it for free? ;)
That would be great! Where do I sign up?!?!?
Migs B
I want one too
Does the beta work OK on the galaxy nexus no issues? Other that just beta issues
Was this a bait post? No follow up on the offer = pretty lame!
Already bought ultimate :(
already have one. Great app!
I would definitely love a free license for Ultimate. This app saves my phone so much every single day!
It's a very nice and very useful app. Doubles my standbytime on SGS2 :-)
I've already bought it!It's fantastic!
Yeap, upgrade from Plus to Ultimate would be great, so thanks in advance!
Free license ?
I'm probably too late.

I just got aware of this app and installed the free version today.
Pay for it. It's two lousy cups of coffee to help pay for a GREAT app. These guys have to eat too.
Sure thing,I would like to have a freebie :-)
The original post is one month old.

Either the offer is no longer valid, either they have no intention honoring it .
Well of course.
JuiceDefender is one of the most important apps on my phone and one of the very first I reinstall after flashing a new rom.
Just trying the free version. Of course, I would like to have a free license for the JuiceDefender Ultimate! :-)
How do I receive this app? And has anyone else received this application?
Is a nice application. Programers deserves payment. Buy
Are we getting it?
Just in case you guys do honor the offer, I'd love to get the license.
nd Lin
yes please
I decided to purchase the ultimate license to show support to the devs. Fantastic app, btw. Cheers
I have JDU for my personal phone, but would love a free license for my corporate phone.
Great application! Thank you for developing it!
I definitely would enjoy that. This app has treated me very well and i truly enjoy that I can physically see it working.
Was on vacation last week and was told about this app used the free app for a few days after I saw how great it works bought Juice Defender Ultimate, great app!
I had a bad problem trying to upgrade 2 the PRO Version of 2XBattery Saver app. Yes definitely I would love 1 Harry Jackson
Have the free app in the moment, best of various defenders that I have tested. Free ultimate license would be great. Or ultimate to price of plus version.
I love it so much! Best power save app on the market, hands down. I would absolutely love the ultimate
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JuiceDefender works great
Recently upgraded from freebie to Ultimate & it is SO MUCH BETTER! Love being able to train phone , plus averaging between 2.78 & 1.68 longer battery life!!! AMAZING! Well worth $5!

Have even gone DAYS w/o having to charge my Android phone!!
Hello there :) I'm using JD beta and it has so many good options!
I have some suggestions and reports...
And, btw, yes... I want that free licence! :D
...if legal, sure: liking this app ! How can I get the licence ?!
I just want a plus please. I am a huge fan! Thanks for your work.
Some1 tell me how to get the Ultimate version? Free?! :)))
The version I have is the depr one. How do i get the newer ultimate without buying it again?
I'm premium, how about ultimate?
Please post another update about JuiceDefender so we can share with friends.
Ke nny
Of course!
Yes, ofcourse I would like a free licence.
Please can you tell me why the widget does not show activity nor other information? It did before.
Regards, Flip
Of coarse I would love the free Ultimate JuiceDefender. Who wouldn't
Well there isnt anything free in to days world.and if it works with out the lic.and if not go to bottom of page and click on the support and try to get your lic.there.it works for me....jaminjim/g+
"El vato" says', send me my free licence! Thanks
Got my licence, thanks though!
Will D
Yes,how does one come about this free license?
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Go to the play store and search for it
Not sure yet will keel you posted
I have a friend who would love to have jd ultimate. I've bragged about this app so much, I know he'd really like to it a run for its money
-thx jd
Yes. What shall I do to recieve it?
Ummm...yes. I just started trying the regular version. So far it is working great.
What do i need to do for a free license
Too late, i already purchase JuiceDefender :-p
When will there a new release? JD is more long to activate 3G on android 4.0 than Android 2.3.
It's totally worth $5 you bunch of cheapskates. Someone put allot of work into this, and deserves it.it's like tipping your bar tender. I've run it on my last 4 phones and wouldn't be without it. in fact it's always my first install
Could you make the 2G 3G switching work on cyanogenmod 10? 
the aosp helper is incompatible or something :)
Already buied, but if i can get another 1 i use it for my wife's phone.
I'm using it as well, GREAT app. I introduced it to the guys at the Verizon store in California, they LOVE it! :-) Thanks for the offer.
I'd love a JD upgrade! Been using the free version and was actually just browsing at the two paid versions on Google Play.
Have ultimate would take a different app though! 
Who doesn't like free..yes please :) went to buy full but doesn't support my payment option :(
Please tell me how because I love my defenders app its a must have on any and every phone period...
Alors si ce gratuit j'en veux bien une !! Merci
Yes, just purchased the 1.99 upgrade and would appreciate Ultimate....:)
My phone is incomplete without Juice Defender.
Absolutely, be awesome to see what else could be modified to increase battery times: )
Da Shel
Sure!!! So, uh, now what?
I would like to have it, does this offer still exist? :)
Its giving me two and a half hours of battery time.
Sure, I'd like a free license.
I agree with most...who wouldnt! Lol. I already have ultimate but have more then 6 smartphones that could use a license. Lol.

Nice app, save a little battery just gotta be careful with the customize or advanced settings. As the radios will be off off (which ones u choose) and if like me, i have my phone on and using it quite often so i dont like to miss (or delayed) notifications.

The customize and more "aggressive" settings are useful for games and data intense apps u want to control data.

But the balanced profile is decent at managing the radios as it is. I use J.D. ultimate the most at night, using advanced setting to disable radios and let it turn them on every 30 min or more to re-enable radio for messages/emails. Yes i know i can configure all apps to my liking but seems as tho it works more smoothly on balanced.

Old post but anyone get this "free license" yet??
Only took me 2 weeks before I paid for the Full Extreme Paid version. (It is rare that I pay for any program.) Awesome!!!

Buena app.......mi bateria se incrementa casi un dos por ciento y lo noto.......

great app!But why don't you apply Japanese?
I'd like a free license...
There is zero activity on this post.  I don't think it's still active.  Save our time and do something else. 
if the offer still stands, would appreciate one. 
talk to me .....the offer stands...3175405285
Yes I would love that. 
U mean like, we get a limited amount of time to use ultimate? Say a month or something? Cool
Have any of you tried longevity by trend micro. Suppose to be better than juice defender
I'd love to have a free license for JD Ultimate. 
Rosie s
Yes please,. needed this so bad, like it now. But im sure I culd Love it. ;)
Damn. Just paid.. oh well worth the $5. ;-)
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Man... I just realized.. This post is over a year old... I guess that means none of us are going to get a free license. :(
Bonne appli. Gest + éco batterie
I'll use one. I'm about to engage the helper on my phone. What would.it.look like.if.something goes.wrong?
My battery would only last until 4pm, but JuiceDefender makes it last all day and beyond.
The app has not seen an update for months, I wonder if the project is still alive and kicking
@ Gian. It is still very much alive & kicking!
I just did an update 2 days ago Gian on my phone!
and why on Google play it says last update_ UPDATED:
January 15, 2012

you can check it by yourself here: http://goo.gl/0U4d1

top right corner, the ultimate and plus versions are even older.
Well Gian! I can't answer that! Right now I have the Ultimate and it is working fine for me on my phone! Can't complain! I guess it is up to the individual user Gian!
Gian it depends on what type of phone you are using. Here's something for you:
What's in this version:
- added per-network "keep enabled" for Location
- added per-app custom controls
- reworked the widgets, improved "user" control
- added Bluetooth enable/connect in QuickBox
- improved tablet/Honeycomb support
- better handling of the keyguard during phone calls
- removed read logs permission
- several fixes: night/peak schedules only starting the first time, Traffic bug, workaround for Bluetooth FC, AOSP on 2.3.7
- UI tweaks
(partial changelog)
+Terence Burns thank you for the info, might be because i have a Nexus S and they discontinued the development for my phone, it's disappointing though because I've purchased the Ultimate version and it's more than one year without updates.

Furthermore when I launch the app it gives me errors in the logs telling me that I should install Cyanogenmod (which is actually installed...)
Morning +Gian Mario Tagliaretti Added! I'll do some research and see if we might be able to find an app similar to JuiceDefender for your Nexus S! Check out the Cyanogenmod carefully before you install it. Give me the link here and I'll put it through my dialogs and see if it is safe.
Good work hss increased battery life to nesrly double on s2
Rather buy one to help the project. But thanks all the same.
Hello everyone! If you have a smart phone. The application is in Google
Play! Click on App and choose very wisely the application you want for your
smart phone,
I'd like to have ultimate, but I'll settle for plus
Well duh, who wouldn't? Yes please!
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Everyone is saying yes.... yet no posts as to how to get the licence
I would surely love getting an Ultimate licence for free. Please tell me how.
If you have any doubt about JuiceDefender's claim to doubling your battery life, Just check this out.. I got an improvement of 1.94 overall battery extention ;) 
Will this app be brought to life or what? I paid long ago for the license and now no more updates, nothing. 
The App is not updated frequently because it's a solid app.. They do have beta releases but they tend to be a little buggy..  I've been registered to Ultimate for 1+ yrs and have only good things to say about JuiceDefender ;)
I need one up to date, because the app not understand "on charge" if the phone is in "wireless recharge"
I would like an update. Enabling bluetooth when charging is not possible when charging with wireless :-( juice defender not work with wireless charge
+rahmad enggar
rahmad, Diego, Rex ..No I Most Certainly Do Not Want to Hack JuiceDefender!! It's a Great App and The Authors Deserve Our Support.. If You Continue Posting This, I Will Be Forced to Report You To Google+ and JuiceDefender !!
I disattivate this post... Good lucky form the up to date of this app. Regards
Development has stopped. Which means money stolen. Which also means developers are crooks!!!!!!!
ABSOLUTELY!!!! What do I have to do? 
Wait a minute, I already bought! So how about just an update once in awhile? That would be great! Instead of commenting on Google+ that is. 
Between this and guru 25more battery
I should have been smart and not purchased an abandoned app. Should have just found it on the internet. 
Because they're STEALING OUR MONEY. That's why no update. 
You hit the nail on the hesd
I know. It appears to me that they're messing with our heads. 
Pretty Please, with Sugar on TOP!!! ;)
Isnt this post a few years old? or is this still on. Only 1 way to find out... Free license. :-)
Good app.... NEEDS AN UPGRADE PRONTO....!! 
I don't think they're reading these posts anymore.
I have plus but would like full suite ♡♥♡♥
Best battery saver by far, now where's me licence eh? OK I'll look in my G+ nosebag
Absolutely. I love the free version so far. Would like to try ultimate
I would love one but wut is going on this g+
Yes, I would love a free license for JuiceDefender Ultimate...what do I need to do
+Geoff Butler if that's what you do then cool but don't advertise or recommend that to ppl its the wrong method of doing things
+Geoff Butler I believe that if u buy old software even tho it hadn't been updated in lets say years the money should still be going to the developer the code and the work was put in by him. If u sir was worth a grain of salt u would realize u are advertising a way to steal
Whats the license for?is that related with saving the battery system or about purchases that made?
+Julian Humllvf?#£%|£££¥£% £ ₩|% \\€€ £¥\> £+ dimel 
I think it may be time for an email campaign to Google. This app appears to be absolute abandonware? I for one purchased the app not knowing it was abandonware. The disappointment is incredible!

JD is simply the best battery app created by anyone anywhere. It is an abandoned masterpiece.

One can only speculate at what unfortunate life incident has befallen the Developer. What would cause him/her to cease and desist, unless he has, indeed, ceased and desisted!

Whatever the circumstance, Android is moving on Kit Kat will surely be at 4.5 soon, and Lollipop is here!

All apps are being refreshed with the new GUI. Phones are getting bigger, more and more features and capabilities, and are in greater and greater need of battery management software.

With onset of Lollipop, Google should not allow JD to exist as "abandonware" in the Google Play Store as a 'paid' app.

It us now at a point, where JD exists as a 'ripoff', a con. It is THEFT!

Google needs to make all efforts to determine the circumstance.

If indeed something unfortunate has befallen the Dev; and/or is simply not reachable, then Google should inform the users, and suspend JuiceDefender.

No one should pay for abandonware, not knowing it is abandonware!

I feel ripped off!

Personnally, I tried and paid for several apps before settling upon JD. I purchased JD "Ultimate", and have more than just the cost of JD invested, but additionally the cost of all the other battery management apps I tried.

Not to mention the time spent mastering all the minutiae which makes JD Ultimate such a great app.

Please, Google it is your responsibility. If this keeps up a basis for Class Action may be in order. The money received for JD is received under dubius, if not false pretense.

I simply want a working, continually developed app, it is what I paid, the above average price, for!

Continual development was implied, if not expressed! You, Google are responsible.

Can not some great XDA developer pickup JuiceDefender and give it life?

Let us campaign…. 
+JuiceDefender - battery saver   Wakup Dev Being MIA this long is  a real bummer dude! I'm starting to get suspicious if you were a Dev in another country that VPN into America posted Juice defender, But was cut off from America when cyber security changed world wide and when the countries started putting up firewalls you were discovered or something that you were a app creator in a country banned from posting apps on the play store.

Well dispite your lack of paying attention to your social circles I still love your apps! thanks a BUNCH!

Hi5 dude were all counting on you for at least another update into the lollipop era! Works so so in KK! 

Justin Cram

P.s. latedroid.com Is as dead as all your social profiles around the net! I hope you've not been killed bud by strange freak accident and nobody for all this times known about your death! That would suck man! 

My suggestion is to make a beta community for your updated versions of #Juicedefender  .
If the tool is still being developed? Many unfinished functions are integrated. When there is an update?
If the app still evolving?
Guys if you want to download juice defender free
Yes, I would like a free license for Juice Defender Ultimate. 
I would love a free version of ultimate but I have been having problems with Juice defender now I am on Android version 5.0.always seems to shut itself down so can you please try and solve the problems with it as I love this app
Are there plans to update for lollipop?
Esta com problema no loolipop? O meu esta apresentando lag e para de funcionar
I would love a free licence for ultimate edition. Please advise me on what I have to do
I would just like my purchased version to work on my new phone. I have uninstalled and reloaded numerous times but it still won't enable and do what it did extremely well on my old phone. I have an S5.
There hasn't been any activity by developers since 2011.
I have not had a response to an email sent over 3 weeks ago. In conclusion, it is dodgy as and I have moved onto another app that saves battery.
I can not TOGGLE. Use LG G4 Android 6.0. SOS
I can't get the user's guide and tutorials to come up, I get a error message every time.
Gina Hoppis this is a scam. 
Look at message date, nothing done to upgrade for over 4 years
Hola buenas una pregunta me podrian decir por qe cada ves qe salgo de wiffi me aparese un mensaje qe dise qe juice defender nurio? Gracias
$6y dfarina@ssmi.biz 666776d6x the d xjouy pPouwe2termd77 it f Sverzell@lfdriscroll.com that way to .coz I have dsw 6 the way 
be sure that I love juice defender 
Please let me me know,why this application can be crashed, ask all the friends at website, thanks. 
Ronny P
Yes Simon, I have been a user for many years.
Please tell me why this application can be crashed & how to solve this problem, anybody wanna help me ?
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