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Very cool stuff. 
We finally made it. carefully planned and with good team effort the fields were made thanks to global resistance agents. The weather conditions in Kuwait was not in our favor but we managed to hire a private boat who was willing to take us to the island also special thanks to the heritage village resort who allowed us in as the resort was closed. Once we all got in position as there were 5 agents @alafzal @Q8Guy @istofix @BrainyIndian and our visiting agent @jonnyboy7467 also special thanks to Ronny from Abu Dhabi who helped us to get the keys from global resistance 
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My plan to take a walk during lunch is working very well these days. Gotta keep it up. Ingress helps with that.

Discount Tire is hooking me up with a loaner tire while I wait for a new one. It's nice having some solid service. 

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Enjoying an Atlantic Sunrise

Hitting the morning with a few projects to work on. Time to cross some stuff off of the list. 

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Just want to put a recommendation out there for I had the Pittsburgher today. Very tasty.

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I'm trying to decide what to do this evening. I could watch the debate, but it might be more fun to read about it after the fact. Thoughts?

The olympics are over...that means google doodles won't be nearly as much fun...
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