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Boat restoration 1

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Free Magazine online? No-way.
I decided today to give a little shout-out to the folks working at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine.  I've subscribed to this magazine for months, and it is one of the best out there in my opinion. What's even better, they offer the magazine online, free of...

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Thinking of a fall micro project
well, summer got quite busy.  I do have a lot to catch up on as fall approaches on my Clear Creek project.  However, it looks like I'm just not going to have the space for a G scale railroad of any kind at college, even storing it will be a problem.  So, in...

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Construction Update 3
In this report, I don't have any extra little things to display, so we'll jump right into construction progress of the module: Construction: Over the last week, rains have continued to be a problem, but I'm starting to get more sunny days to work with outsi...

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Construction Update 2.
Okay, this took a bit longer than I had hoped to put on the Internet, but construction was hindered by rain and cold temperatures.  The weather should start to warm up any day now, and should stay that way for a good amount of time, so hopefully I can make ...

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Construction Progress Report 1.
FInally, the long awaited Clear Creek Project (by me at least) has begun this week.  I tried out several different designs, in different sizes, to see which would work best for my situation, and as it turns out, the most compact design was the first one, wh...

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Workbench for Benchwork Part I
No matter what a modeler does, they need at least a small amount of desk space to design and construct layouts as well as to repair or modify equipment.  Most, if not all modelers would appreciate a table space that can be used exclusively for projects.  Wo...

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Three days until construction begins!!!
Yep, the first post will be in picking out lumber and hardware, and will be posted Sunday or Monday, whenever I'm able to get to Menards. So stay tuned!

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A quick wiring tip
When wiring two motors together in a locomotive, if the two motors are facing opposite directions (one faces forward, the other faces in reverse) be sure to wire the motors so that when one runs forwards, the other runs backwards, which will make the wheels...

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Only 2 more weeks until construction begins!
I'll finally have enough free time to build the layout, starting about 2 weeks from now. This layout doesn't have exact dimensions yet, because the modules will be cut to fit. But there are some stats that I can say for sure: Trains will be remote control, ...
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