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I had some random ideas for some character images satirising game of thrones, this is the first one, obviously referencing Dire Wolves:

Hi, I'm trying to rebuild a google story of my recent trip with photos taken by a friend and on my DSLR, but I'm only seeing photos taken on my phone, and I have no rebuild option, it only gives me delete.

I've tried it on the google app on my phone and through the browser.

Is there some setting I need to enable?

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I voted lib-dem and it is no fun

Just watched the Derren Brown documentary on the Bronnikov Method. It was obviously bullshit through most of the show, but I could believe that at least the people pushing it believed it. They thought they were doing good. But then he interviewed Bronnikov himself, and it's very clearly that that lying peice of sub human parasitical shit doesn't believe a word coming out of his cockroach mouth. It should be illegal for people to make the claims he does without proving it. Only in a world as fucked up as ours could someone like that not be in prison.

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The best route to a fair equitable and productive society is to not charge the rich taxes, and pay for those tax breaks by dismantling social healthcare and public education. These people are crazy and what they're saying is all lies, move along, move along.

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Seems like something that might interest you +Joni Waldrup 

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Since when did posting such obvious fucking hoaxes become journalism?
Would you like some see-through plastic with your smartphone?

Hmm, right after I sign up for a data line for my tablet that I'm locked into for two years, work announces we're getting Android Smartphones. #FirstWorldProblems
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