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Small Business Marketing Tools
A Guide to Low Cost Tools, Productivity Resources and Strategy Ideas for Small Businesses.
A Guide to Low Cost Tools, Productivity Resources and Strategy Ideas for Small Businesses.

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5 Reasons You Should Utilize #Video Marketing w/@LizVGreene #videomarketing #smallbiz

Why businesses should make a video marketing strategy an integral part of their overall marketing plans Once hailed as the future of content, video marketing has proven to be more than just a passing fad — it has staying power that shouldn’t be…

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How SMEs Can Benefit from Remote Work and #Startup Revolution w/@DanRadak #smallbiz #virutalteams

How small business startups are revolutionizing work process and organization in changing markets worldwide The 1980’s were the yuppie era. In the 1990’s, corporation capitalism reached its peak. The 2000’s saw the unprecedented growth of digital…

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3 Types of #Videos to Help You Dominate 2017 with #YouTube w/@Answer1 #videomarketing #smallbiz

Video is going to be big in 2017. Heck, it’s already been big in 2016, and it’s only going to keep growing! Instagram Live Streaming, Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories – it seems like there’s a new medium for video every day. But YouTube is still the…

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Three-Tier Guide for Perfect Communication in #Startup #Branding w/@DanRadak #smallbiz

Being able to convey a branding message to both internal and external audience is one of the crucial qualities of every successful startup owner. When you organize your promotional features so that they communicate the essence of your professional vision…

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What is the Difference Between #Branding and #Marketing? w/@speedstersuk #smallbiz

Marketing and branding are two main terms used in businesses when you’re trying to get yourself out there in the marketplace. Yet, non-industry professionals often confuse the definitions between the two and use these interchangeably. There is a distinct…

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Why You Should Start 2017 with a #RiskManagement Plan w/@LizVGreene #smallbiz

For most of us, the New Year is a time to pursue freshly made personal goals. As a marketer, I think it’s also the perfect time to set new business objectives. In the wake of 2016, the majority of us are craving a clean start, and what better way to do…

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Keep Your Startup #Finances Under Control Through Financial Discipline w/@DanRadak #startups

Young and inexperienced startup owners often experience financial difficulties. The root of such problems lies in their inability to focus on the economic side of the startup. Instead, they get carried away by their original ideas and work hard to put…

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The Fortune is in Following up! 4 Insights for Your Business w/@AnnEvanston #smallbusiness #businessleads

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “the fortune is in following up!” This is so true especially when looking at marketing strategies. Research shows time and again that direct contact and follow up creates the greatest ROI (return on investment). Are you…

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How to Rein in Your #Expenses and Save Your Business w/@DanRadak #smallbusiness #costsavings

Running a business requires constant vigilance. It often happens that, even though it seems like you are doing well, and profit keeps coming your way, the money seems to disappear into thin air. Don’t worry, it’s not just your imagination. It’s very…

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6 Things Every Small Business Should Have on Their Website w/@LizVGreene #websitedesign #smallbiz

Many small business owners assume that consumers aren’t searching the internet for local businesses. They’re wrong. In all actuality, 97% of customers search online for local products and services. Today’s consumers expect all businesses — even small ones…
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